The "90 Day Fiance" star Rebecca supports her friend to start a dating show, by sharing her post.

Her friend is looking for handsome, single, black men, that are successful and within the range of 32 to 40 years-of-age to start a dating show. The men she is looking for should be in the United States; she indicated on Rebecca's friend's caption on the Instagram post.

Rebecca's friend, Jocelyn Fillman, is a Casting Director. She wrote down her email address so that people who are interested and want to participate in the show can contact her through her email address.

The name of the show or the channel has not been told to the public yet, but fans will love if the TV show cast on TLC. Jocelyn Fillman, Rebecca's friend, stated in the caption of her post that the dating show is going to be a "huge" dating show for major networks. Some people who commented on her Instagram post seemed to be interested. But for now. Don't expect the show to be international since she only wants black men from the United States to start the show.

Although, someone commented, saying: "why not poor single black men". Obviously, rich and successful men will make the show more interesting to watch because successful people will have a lot to offer on a TV show. Also, people love to watch how successful people live their lives.

Someone also commented saying: "It will be hard to find a successful, handsome guy who is single and looking for love".

Zied Hakimi graduation

On January 3, Rebecca uploaded a picture of Zied's graduation from the HVAC class. In the caption she says, "I'm so proud of you for everything you are doing for us to have a good life together baby!" in the photo he was holding a certificate and standing with a man.

The picture looked like it was snapped in a classroom because in the background there is a whiteboard.

Rebecca Parrott does a giveaway

On December 28, 2019, Rebecca announced that she was going to do a giveaway for her fans. She was going to be giving away her hat. The giveaway had some basic instructions that one should follow to participate in the giveaway.

The giveaway ended on January 1, and the winner was selected randomly. Rebecca said she wrote the names on a piece of paper and used a random number generator website she found on Google to choose the winner for the giveaway. She announced the winner and asked for his address so she can ship the hat to him.

Zied Hakimi updates his fans

Zied uploaded a photo on Instagram of him singing and driving; he captioned the post and said: "Good Morning, this post came for my Rebecca." Rebecca replied to the Instagram post, saying, "Baby, you are so romantic and sweet you made me cry! I love you so much." He then answered and said: "I love you too, baby very much." The couple is not in the same country currently.

People love the fact that they show a lot on social media. Fans are asking when they will meet each other, but for now, no one knows when Zied will visit Rebecca.

Is Zied Hakimi in Tunisia?

It looks like Zied is schooling in Tunisia because of the recent post he uploaded on Instagram, he said my friend in the school, then he used a Tunisia flag emoji and love emoji with other emojis at the end of the caption.