"90 Day Fiance" currently sits on hiatus. But, the cast, like Laura Jallali, post on their Instagrams to fill the void for fans. In fact, fans went onto Twitter to complain that the "Sister Wives" show by TLC took Sunday night's time-slot. Recent news came out via Instagram Stories that Laura got a popcorn-maker from TLC. Fans wondered, from the packaging, if it meant she returned to Canada. Now, Laura gets all coy about it and starts a "where is Laura" guessing game. But, some fans wonder why on earth anyone actually cares.

Laura Jallali's popcorn-maker a pathetic gift, even other '90 Day Fiance' cast members agree

The Instagram Story about the popcorn -maker sparked speculation on Laura's whereabouts. Blogger John Yates popped it up on Instagram and Twitter after one of his followers found it. Judging by the packaging, some fans thought it looked like it came from a shop in Canada. But, fans remarked that recently Laura suggested she's in Costa Rica, and Ecuador, not to mention Canada.

Nevertheless, other "90 Day Fiance" cast members didn't comment on her whereabouts. Ashey Martson just said it was a pathetic gift. At one stage, the cast got Google Home, and then hoodies. But, Danielle Jbali agreed she once got a popcorn-maker as well.

And, fans heard that Paul Staehle did as well. Pathetic or not, that never stopped the speculation as to where Laura could be. Mind you, a few fans on John Yates' Instagram wondered why anyone would bother caring about where she is.

Laura plays coy 'Where is laura' guessing game with '90 Day Fiance' fans

Fans of "90 Day Fiance" know that Laura learned how to play social media for maximum exposure.

Like her or not, she certainly cranked up the tabloid headlines with her so-called pregnancy and ectopic baby-loss stories. And, subsequently, she went to Ecuador where she started rumors she dated both Evelin's ex-boyfriend Raul and Tony from @thechanteltea.

Now, pushing speculation on her whereabouts, Laura shared a series of short clips to Instagram Stories.

She started out by saying, "So everybody is wondering in regards to this popcorn-maker, as to where is Laura?" Then she added, "So we're gonna play a little game. And, you're gonna guess, where in the world is Laura?" Then the vids cut to a scene of some rather boring looking houses. Laura said that she's in a "hammock," and "wherever" she is, "there is no snow." She went on to describe the plants as tropical, and the houses "interesting."

Cut to pics of Costa Rica and Qatar from '90 Day Fiance'

The next photos that followed included a Costa Rica poster, one from Qatar and other places. Possibly, she could still be in Ecuador, as on her live interview with John Yates last month, Evelin mentioned Laura just got her visa extended for three months.

While Laura gets all coy about it and plays a seemingly childish 'where is Laura' game in a very condescending voice, many critics simply don't care where she is. They think she's irrelevant these days.

What do you think? Do you care where Laura Jallali is these days? Or, would you like to see her back in another season of the "90 Day Fiance" franchise?

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