"90 Day Fiance" fans were unhappy when they heard that "Pillow Talk's" episode was just a re-run and the usual show takes a hiatus. The Blast reminds fans that the next time "they return with Season 7 Episode 10, [is] next Sunday, January 12 at 8 p.m." As reported, many fans think the current season's really boring. But still, "Sister Wives" took "their" timeslot on TLC, and deprived fans vented about it on Twitter.

'Sister Wives' premieres and '90 Day Fiance' fans vent on Twitter

TLC's "Sister Wives" returned with more drama amongst the four wives of Kody Brown as they moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff.

Once more, Meri Brown mentioned the 2015 catfishing incident. Once more, fans saw her on the outer edges of the family. Only, this time, when the cops arrived to tell her the neighbors didn't want her there as she's polygamous, she had to return to LA. None of the other wives even offered her a bed.

Other drama involved fans getting upset that they screened Kody Brown jumping into a pond wearing only the tiniest underwear. That grossed out some fans on Twitter. But, other people went along to comment on "Sister Wives," not because they watch the show or care about the woes of the Brown family at all. These unhappy people came to vent about the show taking over the "90 Day Fiance" time slot.

Critics give TLC a message - They don't want 'Sister Wives'

Many fans complained about the fact that "90 Day Fiance" went away, at least for a time. One fan said, "@TLC how dare you air #sisterwives and not #90DayFiance tonight. *throws major temper tantrum*" Then, another fan noted, "Good morning to everyone EXCEPT@TLC because I have no #90DayFiance to watch today.

I'm gonna watch #SisterWives but this still isn't fair."

This person thinks that "nobody cares" about "Sister Wives."

Naturally, the memes came out.

Here's just a few of them"

This one summed it up for a lot of fans:

Fans spoiled by back-to-back '90 Day Fiance' shows and spinoffs

TLC hit it big with the franchise. The ratings keep on climbing and now they bring out eve more spinoffs:

  • Happily Ever After.
  • "Pillow Talk"
  • "90 Day Fiance"
  • "Before The 90 Days"
  • "What Now?"
  • "The Other Way."

Then short specials come out like one we recently saw involving students dating.

Then, "The Family Chantal" came out with a spinoff. So, fans really tend to get the fix all year round. In fact, in February a new season of "Before The 90 Days" returns. Meanwhile, shows like "Sister Wives" only come around once a year or so. But, that didn't appease deprived fans on Twitter. It seems their message to TLC is "don't make your time-slot problem ours."

What do you think about fans venting because "Sister Wives" took their time-slot? Are you also feeling deprived?

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