Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield of the "90 Day Fiancé" just celebrated their son Axel's birthday on January 3, 2020.

The reality couple was trying to have a baby in 2018, but unfortunately, Paola had a miscarriage. However, that did not stop them from still trying to become parents. Paola conceived a baby boy, Axel, and that was excellent news for the couple.

When Axel was still very young, Paola complained about being the one to forfeit her social life. Paola is an extrovert, so she did not find it easy at all to sit all day and take care of her baby boy.

But later on, as their baby began to walk, and do some basic things, everything found a balance.

Their marriage and love for each other sparked and for a while now, their highlight has been on how they parent their one-year-old.

Axel celebrates a birthday

Axel is one year old now. Russ and Paola celebrated his birthday in style as they chose a Star Wars theme. Paola posted a beautiful photo, where they held their bundle of joy. There were grey and yellow balloons on the wall and writing that said, "Feliz Compleaños."

The parents of the one-year-old took the time to wish their son a happy birthday. Paola made it short and straightforward, saying that her son deserved a celebration every day; therefore, the birthday was just for formality.

Russ expanded on his own Instagram account, explaining how much of a proud father he has become. He noted that although that was Axel's first birthday party, it would not stop him from celebrating other times. He thanked his son for being his life and wished him a happy birthday.

Other cast members were in the comments to wish the baby a happy birthday.

Staehle Karine commented, "Happy Birthday Axel." Loren Brovarnik, Paul Staehle, Annie Toborowsky, and David Toborowsky also commented. David Toborowsky even attached a mild joke to his comment saying that Axel "deserved a cameo" with him and his wife, Annie.

Annie Russ and Paola Mayfield son is the cutest kid

Fans have commented a lot of times on how adorable the now one-year-old is.

Axel Mayfield has his own personal Instagram handle, managed by his mother. Paola uses the platform to record his growth and show it to fans and loved ones. Axel's Instagram account is no longer for just seeing his growth. It is now a platform to fill your eyes with cuteness and watch the baby boy enjoy himself.

The mother posted the first photo on March 19, 2019, and captioned it for him, "Hola hola! Welcome to my little world." There's even a post of the one-year-old trying to walk with the help of his mother. Axel is just one year old but has gained 26.4k followers.

Paola Mayfield breastfeeds baby on a plane

The proud mother of the one-year-old posted a picture on her Instagram account. In the photo, she is sitting comfortably, holding her baby, and breastfeeding him.

She is on a plane. It is unclear where she is going. She tagged the location, but it was not in the English Language. It said, "Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado."

She captioned her happy photo, "B**b ready for departure and baby ready for a nap," along with an airplane emoji. She used the hashtags, "#stillbreastfeeding, #proudmom, #normalizebreastfeeding."