Annie Toborowsky and David Toborowsky met in Thailand and starred on the "90 Day Fiancé" show. They had difficulty in coping with bills when Annie came to America initially, Parade reminded viewers in October last year. David and Annie struggled and overcame. Now, they are living their best life. The reality duo is on "Pillow Talk" now. The fan-favorites often do cameos. They are fun and exciting, and they make fans happy and entertained. They also cook and give love advice to viewers.

Annie and her American husband talk about "boom boom," a way to spice up one's relationship or marriage.

David once opened up, saying that the secret to their relationship was putting in consistent effort and making his wife fall in love with him every day. Annie says on Instagram that she loves him, and anything he does makes her happy.

The "90-day Fiance" reality stars are very active on social media these days. David posted a picture on Instagram, where he appeared to have lost a lot of weight, he said that "boom boom" was an exercise. When his followers, asked him how he got skinny overnight, he replied, saying that it was not a recent picture, but it was how he wanted to look before the year is over. This indicates that Toborowsky seems ready to put in the effort to lose weight this year, 2020.

Annie's delicious meal

Annie is a great cook. She posted a picture of a barbeque and rice recently, saying that she wanted fans to join in because David was not in the mood. Fans thought that her food looked delicious. Some of them even suggested a cooking show for her. Many fans were eager to come and eat her delicious dinner.

Annie appreciated all the lovely comments on her 337k Instagram-followers account. Meanwhile, her husband, David Toborowsky, has been receiving beautiful gifts from people recently. He even shared a post, thanking people for sending homemade gifts for him.

Annie Toborowsky in a beautiful dress

"90 Day Fiancé" star, Annie Toborowsky, posted two photos on her Instagram account.

The caption said, "Scottsdale wonderful hope you all have a great day," with heart and flower emojis. In the first photo, she wore a purple and gold dress. She held her waist with her two hands, smiling and looking at the ground. In the second photo, she held a beautiful, bright bouquet rose.

Positive comments on Annie Toborowsky

There were so many positive comments on Annie's purple dress.

Someone said, " Suwan should be a HOLLYWOOD star," and Annie replied with a heart emoji, heart eyes emoji, and a prayer emoji. Another person said, "Looking like a million bucks Annie" and she replied with a broad smiling emoji. Another one said, "Like your dress very pretty. And so are you."

Indeed, her dress looked very beautiful, and she appreciated everyone that commented on her picture.