The beautiful couple, David Toborowsky and Annie Toborowsky have starred on "90 Day Fiance" and "Happily Ever After?" They met in Thailand and had a connection. Things were callous for them when they started because of financial instability. Annie thought that David had a lot of money when she arrived in America. She had the most significant shock when she found out that he relied on his close friend, for virtually everything. He even found it difficult to pay her bride price. The wife of David's friend did not like the fact that David was living off her husband so she asked him to cut David off.

Annie and David had to find a way to survive and inspire each other, including their excellent fans. It wasn't easy, they had a lot of challenges but, they later got a job to help them take care of themselves.

People love seeing David and Annie on the "Pillow Talk" show. They make it so lively with jokes. They have a great bond and advise on "boom boom." David said that the secret was that he made her fall in love every day, she added, saying that little things make her happy and that her husband does not need to try too hard. They also noted that "boom boom" is an excellent way to spice the marriage or relationship.

David Toborowsky receives gifts from fans

David, from the "90 Day" show, posted a photo of a gift he had received from so many people.

It looked like a handmade gift. He further explained that he did not know who made it. He thanked the Reddit group for sharing and wished his 227k followers a Happy Saturday night.

David also hinted his fans that he would work on his body this year. He said that he wanted to lose weight, and he would exercise to get back in shape.

Annie posts a delicious meal on social media

Annie posted a very delicious looking food on her Instagram account. She noted that it was her dinner. She also said that it was barbecue fish with spicy sauce, rice noodles, and vegetables. She put lemongrass and lime leaves on the fish stomach and added salt on the skin of the fish before the barbecue.

After a while, she added in her comment, saying that she wanted friends to join her in eating her dinner because David Tonrwsky, her husband, was not in the mood to eat. A follower replied Annie with an emoji of a woman raising her hands, the other one commented, "yessssssss." One of them said that she wished Annie could cook for her, and Annie replied, "haha" with a heart emoji. There were so many positive comments, and some of them asked her for a cooking vlog. One even said they are waiting for their invites over to dinner. Many accepted the invites and said they would join her if she just told them when. Her husband later reacted to her comment saying, "hahaha," with a heart emoji.