Even though Natalie and Mike are set to get married, their relationship has continued to cause a buzz among viewers. A significant section of "90 Day Fiance" fans is not convinced that Natalie sincerely loves Mike. This is according to the latest sneak peek of the TLC show when she takes around 17 minutes to even say a single word on whether she loves Mike.

Furthermore, the answer she gives does not fully satisfy viewers that she is indeed in love with her so-called fiance. Natalie first says that it is hard to answer that question. Then she goes on to say that the two "90 Day" stars have potential on the account Mike is a good guy.

This is possibly a reliable indication that their relationship is facing some challenges that are threatening its continuity.

Mike and Natalie's relationship has faced several challenges

Mike does not take his fiance's response lightly. In fact, what follows is awkward tension. For Mike, he had shown significant effort to reveal how serious he was about moving in with Natalie. He even made arrangements to have Natalie move to the United States. Unfortunately, visa problems hindered his plan. AQs a result, he was forced to move to Ukraine to be closer to his fiance. But their relationship has become rocky ever since he came to Ukraine.

The two lovebirds have faced various challenges in their relationship.

In some, they have come out stronger, but others have only jeopardized their relationship. First, it was Natalie's wish to have kids pretty soon but is afraid that the children might not receive the right parenthood. They will face a dilemma on whether to follow their dad, who firmly believes that civilization was brought by aliens or their mother who believes in God and is a vegetarian.

Also, Mike feels he is not yet ready to start a family. This is because he is genuinely in thousands of dollars debt. With that kind of liability, he does not consider himself to be able to provide for a family.

Another issue that has caused problems in their relationship is Mike's failure to understand why Natalie failed to secure a visa.

He even went so far as to ask if she indeed applied for a K-1 visa. Not only didn't he receive positive feedback, but he also ended up infuriating Natalie.

Natalie reveals the only thing that can save their relationship

Natalie is of the idea that love has to grow. She is wired to the reasoning that people in relationships need to undergo and overcome specific challenges to strengthen their love. Hence she feels that if only her and Mike work on their love, it will grow. Stay tuned for more "90 Days Fiance" news and updates.