The famous Kardashian family is known for the fantastic way they spend the holidays. They know how to make every holiday worthwhile. Whether it's having a luxurious party or giving us a beautiful Christmas card, they are the best at it all.

Sadly, this year they aren't doing so well at it. The second child of the family, Kim Kardashian, revealed that they are not going to be put out huge group holiday cards this year.

According to Cosmopolitan, Kim explained that it is challenging to get the whole family together these days because of work and all the Kardashian kids.

Also, Kim has been irritating her elder sister, Kourtney, throughout the year.

Fans are very disappointed that the Kardashian family will not do a Christmas card this year

We always look forward to seeing the E! veterans' Christmas photos, so it is a bit disappointing that this year will be different. But let's not forget when they announced that there would be no Christmas card last year in 2018, E! News reminds us. They dropped a surprise for us on Christmas Eve, so there's still hope.

Kim Kardashian and her family in a beautiful photo

Meanwhile, we wait for the Kardashian-Jenner photos of their family, separately. In the meantime, Kim Kardashian and her husband have already dropped a beautiful but simple photo of their family.

Her kids are in the picture. They are all sitting down on what looks like a staircase. Kanye is holding their daughter, Chicago. Meanwhile, Kim is holding the Psalm. North and Saint are also in the photo, and the picture is so beautiful. It displays simplicity as they sit down in a cozy manner.

Kim Kardashian called it 'The West family Christmas card 2019' when she shared it on Instagram.

The Kardashian Christmas cards compiled together

On Twitter, a user shared a compilation of the Kardashian cards going back over the years. Teenage mutant ninja turtle was such a trend. That explained why in one, they had a TMNT Santa.

In 1995, the family look very beautiful in white.

The 1996 photo showed them all wearing black.

Bruce Jenner got a Harley that day, so the next year, the family decided to pose with it for Christmas. Khloe Kardashian also named her pet dog Harley.

2006's photo was taken close by the river. The family is looking less winter-themed in that one.

2017 was a photo that fans hoped for. They got to see Kim's baby bump.

Kim and Kanye shared their Christmas card on social media

Kim gave us a beautiful Christmas card this year.

It looks really simple and Kim is just in sweatpants. All her kids are in the photo. We look forward to seeing Kylie's Christmas card along with the two other sisters, Khloe and Kourtney.

Kim admitted to photoshopping North West into the family picture

Kim explained on the 'Ellen Degeneres' show that North was not really in the picture. She explained that North was having a bad day and didn't want to take pictures so they took the photo without her. The next morning, she said she was ready but Kim wasn't, so she asked the photographer to find a way to put her daughter in the picture.