Kanye West has been embracing his Christian faith, in recent months, and even hosts his own church service. He seems to have had an epiphany of sorts. The popular celebrity is now rethinking the way his wife Kim Kardashian dresses in public. He says he is being convicted regarding the life he used to live and would like for his spouse to begin dressing more conservatively. West has made a living using scantily clad women in his videos and previously embraced the fact that his wife went on in public in what looked like lingerie. He now says a corset is underwear and believes no one should be looking at his spouse in this manner, but he himself.

Kanye West seems sincere in embracing his faith

Kanye West has endured a lot of scrutiny, in recent months, because of his spiritual journey towards. He confesses to being a born again Christian and has begun holding weekly church services. Some doubt that he is really a changed man and believe he is simply trying to attract a different type of audience. According to the Christian Post, West has taken a step that indicates he may indeed be serious about his spiritual journey.

Recently, Kanye West announced that he was rethinking the way his wife Kim Kardashian dresses in public. He says he is rethinking his values now and no longer wants others to see his wife in what he considers to be nothing more than underclothing.

This is a bold stand for a man who has made his living promoting sex, by using scantily clad women to sell his products. Mr. West has a serious problem because his spouse does not appear to agree with his change in views.

Kim Kardashian does not share Kanye's viewpoint

When Kanye made his declaration of a new life as a born again Christian, his wife admitted that she was not in the same place in her spiritual journey.

He told her that he no longer likes her to dress sexy and Kim Kardashian gave him an honest reply. She said that he is the one who built her up and encouraged her to be sexy and confident. She said that she was not in the same place of transformation as her husband. The following day, according to the Christian Post, popular Internet preacher Marcus Rogers put himself in the middle of the situation by asking people on the Internet to pray for the West family.

Rogers said that the enemy(Satan), will do everything he can to discourage Kanye West in his new journey. Be that as it may, the situation may be a little more down to earth. It could be as simple as Kanye created a monster when he built his wife into a sexy brand. She has enjoyed the adoration of fans, worldwide recognition, and the millions that have come along with it. The public has bought into keeping up with the Kardashians and, like Kim, they may not be ready for an abrupt shift. Time will tell all.