"The Witcher" Season1, episode 8, started with dead soldiers on the floor. Geralt was telling an old man to leave the forest. But he refused and then strange ghoul-like creatures came out of the ground and tried to pull him down. Then Geralt used his sword to cut them off of him. Eventually, he managed to get rid of them. But, when the monsters attacked him, he killed all the monsters, but they also bit his legs. So, he fell dropped on his knees and collapsed.

Ciri woke up and followed the travelers on the sea to find safety. Triss, Yennefer, and others were traveling to the North to try to save Cintra and to prevent the threat of Nilfgaard.

Yennefer and other magicians teamed up with the rebels and started to prepare for the attack.

The battle began

It was late in the night when Nilfgaard started to attack with a massive fireball. Then, Yennefer immediately stopped the first launched fireball and threw it in the air, and it exploded. She began rallying the troops. Fringilla used her magic to turn the night into daylight. A thick white mist in the woods descended on the battlefield. Then, the enemy magicians were in the forest, and the soldiers started approaching with weapons.

Yennefer ascended to the tower and started to coordinate the attack on the battlefield. Then the mage began to destroy the soldiers. Fringilla and the others saw the disorder and changed their location.

At the time of the attack in the forest, Yennefer started to tell the soldiers to go to the frontline and attack Nilfgaard.

Vilgefortz woke up, and Yennefer started to plead with him. And, Tissaia asked for help using telepathy. Then Yennefer started to tell Tissaia not to give up and admitted that she saved her from her fate by teaching her magic.

After a while, Geralt found that despite being bitten, he was still alive. He drank a liquid and poured it on his wound, and told the old man now carrying him on his horse to take him to the Blue Mountains.

The fight continued and Yennefer used her magic power to bring out fire from her hands to destroy the Nilfgaard soldiers.

Ciri woke up and rushed into the woods. Later Geralt arrived, and Tissaia started searching for Ciri but were not able to find her. Geralt got up on his feet and went to the forest to help look for her. Then, he saw her running toward his direction and she asked him who Yennefer is.

The finale of "The Witcher," showed that Yurga is married and also destiny has brought Geralt and Ciri together for the first time as he heads into the forest and finds her running towards him.

'The Witcher' film details

  • TV show: "The Witcher."
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama.
  • Air Date: December 20, 2019.
  • Season Number: 1
  • Episodes Number: 8
  • Where can I watch this series? - Netflix.