While 'disney+' has drawn in the crowds, it's facing a serious issue with a lack of original content. While 'Disney+' comes loaded with more than 800 movies and shows, subscribers want more than just old content. The new streaming platform was just launched and has already seen 10 million new subscribers. The service has continued to do well, but that could change suddenly.

'Disney+''s content includes several franchises including "Toy Story," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Cars," among others. However, 'Disney+' popularity is built around two specific franchises: "Star Wars," and "Marvel." Upon launch, 'Disney+' was loaded will nearly every movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the entire "Captain America," series, "Avengers," series and "Captain Marvel." More content is scheduled to be released in the next few months.

The platform includes every movie in the Skywalker saga, except for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," which will be released in December.

'Disney+' popularity driven by 'Star Wars'

While 'Disney+' has many big-name intellectual properties, Disney's main problem is its lack of original content. Right now, it is focused on providing subscribers nostalgia. Subscribers probably have already seen the animated films like "The Lion King," "Robin Hood," and "Snow White." Marvel fans have probably already seen the streaming platform's MCU lineup. While subscribers have the chance to rewatch their favorite Disney classics, it doesn't offer much in terms of original content, in contrast to Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

Right now, subscribers are being drawn to "The Mandalorian." At launch, the series received a mix of positive and negative reviews. "The Mandalorian," has garnered praise for its story, setting and the ability to expand on the "Star Wars" universe. It's also become popular with subscribers by being the first live-action "Star Wars" show.

Right now "The Mandalorian," is the main reason people are subscribing, and when the first season completes, what will happen with 'Disney+'?

'Disney+' may lose subscribers when 'The Mandalorian' concludes the first season

"The Mandalorian," premiere season is only eight episodes long. When it concludes, the hype of the new streaming service could die down and subscribers may begin to unsubscribe.

Even though 'Disney+' offers a few new shows, none are on the same level as "The Mandalorian." The new platform has already begun working on several shows, which are set to receive massive attention.

Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have announced that work has begun on eight Marvel series set to release on the streaming platform. However, the shows will not be released until 2020, when "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," drops on 'Disney+'. This is a long time to wait while paying for a service that doesn't offer much in original content. It's possible that 'Disney+''s nostalgic appeal may not be enough to keep subscribers around.