"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" brought us Tiffany Franco from Maryland and her husband, Ronald Smith from South Africa. Popular, many fans asked Tiffany for YouTube content. She told fans she needs to do some editing and whatnot. Now, she managed her first one done and shared about it on her Instagram Stories on Saturday night.

The first YouTube vid by '90 Day Fiance's' Tiffany

Over on her YouTube, the first video sits proudly and it shows a bit of her son Daniel. Actually, fans love the chirpy little guy and always want to see more of him. Only up for a few hours, the account already managed to get nearly 600 subscribers.

Tiffany apologized in the intro for the low quality. She noted that she "used a pretty cr*ppy quality phone." But the "90 Day Fiance" star added, "I am learning new ways to edit and have a better camera now so I’m hoping you guys will tune in to my next video!"

In the video, we see Ronald and a friend from South Africa, and Daniel. They decided they were up the "One Chip Challenge." If you haven't heard of the "One Chip Challenge," it started back in 2017, USA Today reported. It resurfaced in 2019 and involves eating a single very, very, hot chip. Made by Paqui, the chip's flavored with "Carolina Reaper pepper, which is the hottest pepper on Earth." Well, Daniel got the packets out, and the "90 Day Fiance" dad and his friend decided they could do it.

As Ronald said, "South Africans like things warm."

The 'One Chip Challenge' - who reaches for the milk first

As Tiffany said, just when Daniel left the frame, these guys got to "babbling" nervously. Acting brave though, they were careful to make sure both of them had the full chip. The black-looking chip didn't smell enticing, Ronald's friend said.

Meanwhile eventually, they decided to put the chips in their mouths. At first, neither of them looked very impressed or overwhelmed by the taste and flavor. But then, the "90 Day Fiance" star started looking a bit uncomfortable.

The challenge was who would reach for the milk first. Certainly, Ronald looked the worse of the two guys.

He wiped his tears and looked like he could hardly breathe. In fact, Tiffany sounds a bit anxious as she urges him to drink the milk. But, he sweats it out for a while longer. Finally, Ronald needs to drink first. In the background, we hear Daniel say, "Are they gonna throw up?"

Daniel brings ice cream for Ronald

After multiple glasses of milk, Ronald still doesn't look well. In fact, he's still crying pain-tears when Daniel brings him a bowl of ice-cream. The little "90 Day Fiance" star's prediction came true though, as, after one mouthful of ice cream, Ronald ran off to throw up in the toilet. (Audible retching) which prompts Daniel to say "I'm getting out, I can't listen." But later, he got to eat Ronald's ice cream.

So, Ronald lost the challenge. Meanwhile, his friend seemed very casual but did admit he could use some of that milk. What do you think about Ronald losing the "One Chip Challenge" in Tiffany Franco's first video on YouTube? Hopefully, she posts more. Fans hope to see them on another season of the show but there's no guarantee that will happen.

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