"90 Day Fiance" - Syngin and Tania are both 29 years old. They met in South Africa, where Syngin worked as a bartender. They hit it off and Syngin traveled to Connecticut, on a K-1 visa, to be with Tania. When he came, he was welcomed nicely but, he soon realized that there were things he did not know about Tania. Tania bosses him around and has been forced him to live in an old shed.

Syngin said that Tania lied to him. He said that she told him that the house was furnished and prepared for him to stay. But, it was not.

The "90 Day Fiancé" reality stars, Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester have not been together for a while now.

Tania left for Costa Rica to study herbal medicine while Syngin stayed at home with Tania's mother in her old shed.

Viewers noticed that Syngin was the only one doing most of the work in the house.

Syngin spent hours cleaning the house and putting things in place while Tania and her mother told him what next to do. Now that Syngin is alone with Tania's mother in a small space, he is very sad. He told Tania before she left that he felt lost and alone because he had no one to talk to. He stated that he didn't have any friends and it was going to be hard for him when she leaves.

According to E-Online, Tania's mother is the only friend he has and he refers to her as his best friend. Tania told the camera that Syngin is the most "clingiest" man she has ever dated.

She added that it would be stressful for her since she knows how much of her time Syngin demands of. She said that she would try to keep in touch, though.

Fans hate Tania and her mother because of how she treats Syngin

Many fans began to notice how Tania and her mother treated the South African man, Syngin. The two women never allow Syngin to sit down.

They always occupy him. Now that Syngin is left to stay with Tania's mother, she told him not to touch her drink. Fans immediately start reacting to the ill-treatment given to Syngin. Some of them recommended he leave Tania.

Syngin has decided to be happy instead of crying over Tania departure

A lot of viewers have begun to pity Syngin as it looks as if Tania is having a good time in Costa Rica yet he is in America with her old mother and suffering from no access to alcohol to relieve his tension.

Syngin has decided to love himself and have a good time, at least

According to TV Insider, Syngin woke up in the morning and brushed his hair while singing. He wore a dark, fluffy robe. He does not look as worried as he used to as he exclaimed, 'what a glorious morning'. Tania is busy in Costa Rica. Well, she is having the time of her life. She goes to the beach and parties a lot. She says she flirts while she salsa dances and ignores Syngin's calls. Fans do not have much of a choice other than to feel bad for Syngin now.

Syngin mows the lawn and cuts weed. He said that he is just trying to pass time. He complains to Missy, Tania's mom, about Tania's behavior. He tells her that she does not seem interested when he calls and she usually laughs on the phone. Missy tells him that maybe when they meet again things will fall into place. She assures him that Tania would never leave him. Syngin enjoyed tiramisu with Tania's mother as they talked that day.