The 90-day Reality Stars, Mike Youngquist and Natalie, have had a lot of fights lately. The couple has had their differences in their beliefs.

On last week's episode, Natalie said that she did not like that he believed in aliens because their future children would be confused about which to find. Michael still tried to explain to her that he believes that aliens are gods and that he is okay with whatever she believes in. He stated that he doesn't see it as a big deal. But Natalie kept dragging the issue. He got frustrated and left the house to have a few drinks, to clear his mind.

On Mike's part, there's a lot of doubt about whether the relationship could work.

It seems like Mike and Natalie's relationship keeps bringing more things to wonder about.

According to Tvinsider, Natalie's mother is not happy that she has no child by now. She has been bugging Natalie to give her a grandchild. Natalie extends the stress to Mike. She contains that she wants to have children. Mike agrees on having children, but he made it clear that he was not ready to start raising kids just yet. She finds it hard to understand this and gets even more stressed.

Mike did not open up to her about his debts, but he later did, and she seemed fine with the realization. He told her that that was the reason he was avoiding having children.

Natalie reveals something about Mike that the viewers of 90 Day Fiancé show don't know

Although, the couple seemed to have put things in place after Natalie apologized to him. Natalie and Mike's relationship always has something to talk about, so the fans were waiting. Little did they know that they would find drama but not on the show.

Natalie stated in an Instagram comment section that he body-shames her all the time behind cameras.

This was after she posted a photo of them enjoying their day at the park. According to Aceshowbiz, Mike immediately left a comment that said, 'Look at my beautiful little lady. Perfect picture of us to show are love for one another'.

Natalie wondered why he did not act that way in real life. She decided to reveal to the world that things are not all that perfect behind perfect.

She reminded him of how he tells her that she is "not his taste." She also tells him how his jokes about her body and health make her feel bad. She asked him if that is how a man that loves his woman behaves.

This started to make fans wonder a lot, and soon, she took a screenshot of the comment and posted it with a caption that said, 'reality is slightly different.' Mike has not replied to Natalie's comment yet. We suspect that by now, he has seen Natalie's comment and is addressing it behind the scenes.

No one knows if it would be addressed on the '90 Day Fiancé' show. We have to wait!