'90 Day Fiance" fans can recall that Danielle and Mohamed Jbali featured on season 2 of the TLC show. While fans hated Mohamed from Tunisia as a scammer, many of them didn't tolerate Danielle either. Now, TLC put her on "Pillow Talk," and fans expressed their anger. After all, it looks like Dean and Tarik got dropped for her. And, Dean and Tarik are loved for their humorous comments during the show. Very many fans reacted angrily to the replacement.

Sunday night on 'Pillow Talk' didn't have Dean and Tarik

Dean and Tarik were on the new "Pillow Tak" spinoff from the beginning.

Since then, TLC rotated a few other "90 Day Fiance" stars through it. We saw Colt Johnson and his mom Debbie. Plus, Heavy reminds us that we saw others like Russ and Paola Mayfield. They got "mixed reactions" from fans. But, Dean and Tarik, along with Annie and David Toborowsky remained and they were always very popular.

Ahead of this week's "Pillow Talk," fans noticed an ad for the show noting that "90 Day Fiance" alum Danielle Jbali would be on it. But the anger struck fans when they realized that Dean and Tarik weren't there. Did TLC ditch the popular guys for Danielle? Fans were furious and lashed angrily at TLC. Almost no positive mentions got made over on Twitter.

Twitterati rage about '90 Day Fiance' alum Danielle on the spinoff

Over on Twitter, angry "90 Day Fiance" fans vented their anger about Dean and Tarik being off, and Danielle Jbali coming on. Unusually, very little humor came along with the comments, and some of the memes really showed fans' disgust. One critic said, "#90DayFiancePillowTalk you replaced Tarik and Dean with Danielle??!!

Noooo." Another noted, "Why is Danielle there w her sister? I really to boycott Pillow Talk. Where is Tarik n Dean?"

Other "90 Day Fiance" fans also said they're no longer fans and won't tune in to watch it with Danielle.

"Hey @TLC. REALLY?!?!? Pillowtalk was sullied when you brought in Coltee, then briefing Russ & Pao on us again, now DANIELLE? AND NO TARIK & DEAN

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?! Cancel the show." Another person expressed their anger by writing, "@TLC Danielle? Seriously? Who tf is doing the casting for this show? Bad enough u got rid of Tarik & Dean, but u replace them with the most annoying person in #90DayFiance history!", commented @RandiWhite on Twitter.

And, this meme just about summed up what most people felt about it:

What happened to '90 Day Fiance' commentators Dean and Tarik?

There's been a rumor running around that Dean and Tarik might get dropped off "Pillow talk." Not yet confirmed, or ever likely to be by TLC, it's thought they said something inappropriate about Tim in "90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days." Well, they may have gotten complaints that they said something homophobic.

Mind you, even his fiance Jeniffer asked Tim if he prefers men. Recall Tim refused an invite to get between the sheets with her.

In another article by Heavy, they reminded us that Dean claimed he and Tarik discussed Tim's sexuality in very disparaging terms on the "Domenick Nati Show." But, they may have also said something on the "Pillow Talk" show itself. While very humorous, these two certainly dished cutting remarks.

Well, for the time being, fans of TLC probably need to accept Danielle Jibali's here for a while. TLC very seldom takes much notice of their complaints on Twitter.

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