On last week's episode, 38-year-old Anna told her Turkish man that she was not going to marry him if he does not tell his parents that she has three sons from her previous relationship.

Anna was hanging with her friends when they brought up the topic. They told her that she had to ask him to stop hiding her children's identity. After facing some hard truth she decided to meet him and tell him. Mursel bluntly said to her that he could not do it because of his strict faith. He explained that his family would see her as a woman that has gotten three children out of wedlock.

He further explained that his parents would never speak to him again if he told them the truth.

However, Anna could not care less. She had given her ultimatum, and that was it.

Mursel tells his parents that Anna has three sons

According to an article by Entertainment Tonight that Yahoo carried, on Sunday's new episode, Mursel finally tells his parents the secret he has been hiding over the phone. Mursel's father did not find it funny at all he felt like Anna had played with Mursel's mind. He said that she had deceived him and taken for a fool.

He also told Mursel that a lot of people in Turkey have been wondering why he could not marry a Turkish woman.

Mursel father asked him to leave America

Mursel's father was quick to request his return.

According to ET, Mursel said that his parents were not bothered about Anna before. He explained that they liked her, and he is surprised that they changed their mind suddenly. Mursel's parents immediately stopped supporting their relationship. And, it was too quick for Mursel to understand.

Later, Anna asked him with tears in her eyes, if they were going to get married, and he replied "no." He said that they would have had a happily ever after if she had not forced him to make the call.

He said that everything was ruined and told her he was leaving.

According to ET, in a preview of "90 Day Fiancé," Anna cries at the airport as Mursel leaves. She begs him not to leave, but he still insists. This was after their struggle to solve the big issue. Mursel and Anna's relationship has so many problems. Mursel can't speak English fluently.

They use a communication app to communicate with him. Anna's sons don't like him, especially the eldest son, Joey. We can recall when Joey said that the wedding was stupid when they went to get suits for it. Joey also made jokes saying he had to be paid to be around Mursel. The only thing the two 38-year-olds have in common is their age and their occupation. They are both beekeepers.

Anna mother is not happy that Mursel is leaving

Anna's mother feels like Mursel shouldn't have left for Turkey. She tells Mursel that he has broken her daughter's heart, and going to Turkey makes absolutely no sense.