"90 Day Fiancé" delivered another shocker, this week, revealing that Mursel will no longer be pushing through with his wedding to Anna. After weeks of keeping the fact that Anna has sons from a previous relationship a secret, Mursel finally got the courage to tell his Turkish family about the truth. In a scene for Sunday’s episode of "90 Day Fiancé," he is seen calling his parents so he can tell them everything. As things unfold in the latest episode, fans are not happy.

While he was already expecting some resistance, Mursel was still shocked by his parent’s reaction.

His father immediately demanded that he come home to Turkey, telling him that their family’s friends in Turkey have been talking about his inability to find a woman in their own country.

In a confessional, Mursel admitted that his parent’s reaction surprised him. He said that his parents have always been nice to Anna. Because of these recent developments, Mursel is no longer sure if he wants to go through with their wedding, reports Yahoo. This brought Anna to tears as she was excited about getting married.

In a preview for the next few episodes of "90 Day Fiancé," we see Anna’s mother berating Mursel for hurting her daughter. In a scene in the airport, Anna is also shown in tears and begging for Mursel to stay in America.

Mursel keeps secret from his family

A big part of the friction between Anna and Mursel is because of his decision to hide Anna’s sons from his family.

Anna actually just recently found out that Mursel was not as truthful as he should have been with his parents. When she confronted him about it, he explained that his conservative background prevents him from telling the truth. His parents would not be comfortable about him marrying a person who already has children of her own.

She then asked him if he has any plans on divulging the secret to his parents anytime soon. He answered her by saying that they might have to wait for ten years before he confesses. This answer was not what Anna was expecting. But since she loves Mursel, she chose to stay quiet.

After a few weeks, Anna finally admitted that she is not okay with Mursel keeping her sons a secret. She gave him an ultimatum: she will only marry him if he tells his parents.

This put Mursel in a tight spot, which led to him calling his family.

Anna's son and friends on Mursel

Mursel did not exactly make a good impression on Anna’s family and friends. Anna’s sons do not have a good impression of him. When they found out that he has not told his parents about them, they confronted him about it. They told him that they felt as if he were ashamed of them.

Anna’s friends also do not seem to be enthusiastic about their partnership. After Anna told them that he does not want her to drink, they realized that he can be controlling. They also were not in favor of him keeping the secret from his family.