Michael and Angela had hoped to stay together in America very soon. However, for that to happen, Michael had to secure an American K-1 visa to make his plan of staying with the 54-year-old in Georgia a success. So, he followed the due process of the K1- Visa application and what remained was only an interview with the relevant authorities concerning his application.

At first, Angela was impressed that finally, her dream of moving in together with Michael was coming to pass.

She was convinced that her fiancé would put in all the needed effort to overcome the remaining hurdle; the visa interview. Unfortunately, as time went by Angela started doubting Michael’s level of preparedness as far as the visa interview is concerned. But, he assured her that all will be well and she should not worry about him passing the interview. In fact, Michael affirmed to her just how he was serious about living with her in Georgia. According to ET, Angela said she is a "fighter" and will not give up on Michael coming to America.

Michael’s K-Visa rejected

The new episode on Sunday will be one to recall, not only for fans but also for Michael and Angela. It turned out that Michael’s K-Visa application fell through.

This means he would not be moving to Georgia to stay with Angela if all factors remain constant.

This news comes as a stumbling block to the two "90 Day Fiancé" stars’ relationship. Already they had given their all to this union to make sure that it escalates to marriage in due time. Angela had met up with Michael’s relatives back in Nigeria.

But, Angela swore that she will do whatever it takes to move in with Michael despite earlier on promising to call it quits if her fiancé missed out on a K-1 visa.

Michael determined to fight for Angela

In Lagos, Michael also gets disappointed with the outcome of the visa application.

While meeting up with friends, he gets in an argument with them concerning Angela. Most of his friends do not fancy her. When the fight calms down, Michael explains to his friends about the results of his K-1 visa interview. He goes further to tell them how he is deeply in love with Angela. His friends, to whom the idea of Michael dating Angela does not appeal, confidentially tells TLC Cameras how Michale is making a mistake by being in a relationship with the 50+-year-old.

Just like other relationships, Michael and Angela have faced their fair share of challenges.

First, it is hard for Angela to bear children, though Michael and his family desire one. Furthermore, some Americans residing in Lagos told him that life in Georgia won’t always be merry. Then there was also a possibility of Michael and Angela separating if he failed to get a visa. Stay tuned for more "90 Day Fiance" updates.