The "Mr. Robot" season four, episode 12, started with Elliot lying on the flow with an earthquake shaking the ground, and the power plant was to be found nowhere found. He found his dad, who was dead, alive running the "Mr. Robot" repair shop in the town, then Elliot followed his dad to his childhood home. A neighbor girl spotted him and came to talk to him, he asked about Darlene, but she had never heard of her.

Elliot's mom saw him on the street and invited him to come into the house, then he tried to enter into his childhood bedroom, but it was just a closet.

His mother was not able to remember him falling from a window, and she reminded him that he is going to get married to Angella tomorrow.

He immediately rushed out of his mother's house and went to Angella apartments. He was surprised to find out that it was Phillip Price; Angella's father, who opened the door and greeted him. Angella's mom was alive and was showing him photos on the wall of him and Angella. Angella's mom was surprised to see a call coming from Elliot, she wanted to pick the call, but Elliot insisted. When the old Elliot picked up the phone, he heard the voice of the new Elliot and quickly hanged up the phone and there was a vast tremor.

Elliot ran out of the apartment and went to his apartment.

He went straight to his computer and checked his CD case that was full of hacked data, but it only had family photos. He checked the New Elliot social post, but he was a regular guy with friends. He kept on checking and found hidden folders on the New Elliot computer and a drawing that looks like a comic drawing of Mr. Robot's story.

He found a picture of Elliot wearing hood, Darlene, and society.

Elliot finds his clone

The new Elliot walked into the room and was surprised to see he's a clone, he wanted to call the police, but Elliot snatched the phone and told him to sit and let them talk. The old Elliot asked him about the drawing he found on his computer.

He explained that it just a story he made up because of boredom. They were discussing then a quake hits again, and the new Elliot hit the ground and was bleeding and was not able to stand up. The phone rang, and it was Angella, the new Elliot plead for an ambulance. Instead, the old Elliot holds him tight on his neck, choking him to death with blood on his hands, because he does not want two Elliot's in one world.

The "Mr. Robot" Is one of the best Series in the US. A story about hackers trying to remake America by fighting the most harmful and darkest aspect of Big Tech and Capitalism.

'Mr. Robot' show details

  • TV show: "Mr. Robot."
  • Genre: Drama, thriller.
  • Air Date: December 22, 2019.
  • Season Number: 4
  • EpisodesNumber: 12
  • Where can I watch this series? - USA Network.