90 Day Fiancé,” brings back Michael and Angela in season 7 of the show. They were first featured in “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.” In that first series, they displayed promise as reality stars, not to mention some very controversial moments which led to them having more fans.

At first glance, Angela and Michael are not too different from other couples on the popular TLC reality series. They met online and fell hard for each other as they chatted with each other. Based on the teasers released for the mothership show, however, the two will be facing a lot of challenges during the next few episodes.

One major issue that could come between the couple is Michael’s K1 visa. The 31-year old Nigerian is scheduled to go on his visa application process soon. While Angela thinks there is a good chance that the application will be approved, she is still cautious about things. According to Yahoo, Angela said, "I don't have the strength."I'm not getting younger. It's either the K1 or K-done", she concluded.

Anticipating that things might go wrong during the visa application process, the 53-year old American warned her fiancé that she will break off with him if his K1 visa is not approved. In a confessional, she also said that she no longer has the patience to wait for Michael. She is not getting any younger and she wants her fiancé to be beside her.

Michael's friends unsure about his relationship with Angela

As Michael prepares for his visa interview, he decides to go to lunch with some friends in Nigeria. He went into the lunch with high hopes but it gave him a dose of reality instead.

One of Michael’s concerns in coming to America is the idea of finding work. Coming from a fairly conservative society, he did not like the concept of “depending on a woman.”

His friends expressed alarm at the fact that he does not seem to know what he is getting into.

They told him how racism is still very much alive especially in southern states like Georgia, where Angela lives. Michael ponders on this information, realizing that he may experience a major culture shock once he moves.

Michael’s friends were also frank with him on their shock at their age difference. Michael mentioned that he wants to have a child.

It dawned on his friends that it might be difficult for Angela to become pregnant at this point. However, Michael remains firm with his plan.

He opened up about the possibility of asking Angela’s daughter, Skyla, to become an egg donor. The information shocked his friends, realizing how weird it is to ask his fiancé’s daughter to carry a baby for nine months. They also told Michael the huge amount of expenses involved with IVF procedure.

Michael and Angela on '90 Day Fiancé'

During their days on “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,” Angela was introduced as a nursing assistant in a hospice facility. With their move to the mothership show, she has expressed her desire to continue being the breadwinner of her family. She intends to assign Michael as the one in charge of the household until he settles into life in America.