"90 Day Fiance" fans heard that Laura went to Ecuador to stay with Corey Rathgeber's Evelin. These days she's a lot more evasive and quiet than we saw before and just after the Tell All. In fact, she and Evelin got quite aggressive with fans who criticized her for various lies about Aladin, being pregnant and a so-called ectopic pregnancy. But, it looks like Laura may no longer be in Ecuador. One has to wonder where she is and if she gets to celebrate Thanksgiving with any of her family. Perhaps our readers can help shed some light on her current whereabouts?

Laura Jallalin shared about her 'second mom dying' - got lash back

As reported on October 7, Laura remained in Ecuador. Plus, we looked at the timeline of her fall from grace with "90 Day Fiance" followers. We noted that she started losing followers after she embarrassed Aladin about his poor "jiggy jig" performance on national television. Many other allegations came in, including one about her being abused by Aladin, who only wanted her for a visa and money.

Everyone thought she lied about having an ectopic pregnancy at her age, and then experiencing an amazingly fast recovery. Initially, when she got to Ecuador, she came over quite aggressive doing lives with Evelin and slammed fans who on hated on her.

But, in time, she became quieter. She made comments unavailable on posts she made. Except for one recent one that got taken down about her 'second mother' who died. It turned out she wasn't close to the person who died and relatives said she had no "motherly" relationship with their newly deceased loved one.

New posts indicate Laura might have left Ecuador and '90 Day Fiance' co-star Evelin

Newer posts from the last few weeks suggest that Evelin may no longer remain in Ecuador. While she never said as much, she disappeared from Evelin's posts on Instagram. Plus she shared nothing more of Raul, a rumored hookup in Ecuador. And he hasn't shared anything of her in ages.

But she did post a picture of her and Evelin on November 1 for Halloween.

Since then, the "90 Day Fiance" alum shared another, but it was written in the past tense. That one, dated a week back showed some people singing. She captioned it with, "Party at the beauty salon ...got to love the latino culture !!" Evelin didn't tag Laura for ages in any of her posts, and Laura seems to have disappeared out of her life. Meanwhile, Laura shared photos of a man that fans initially thought might be "Ecuadorian" or even "Muslim". But it seems he's actually not.

Is Laura hooked up with a new man?

Laura recently shared posts showing Tony of the @thechantelltea on Instagram. She encouraged people to go and follow him.

Plus, she noted, (whatever that means) that "he doesn't ask her to pay for his posts". Now, she suggested she's dating him, but that's not likely, as the hunky looking guy just prefers other men. So, the general consensus is that she's not dating him.

As for whether Laura's still in Ecuador or not, is not clear. But looking at her recent posts, it certainly seems that she may have moved on. Do you know where she is? Social media's got a lot of outlets, after all.

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