Fans of James Bond are waiting for the 25th movie of 007, the MI6 secret agent who has a license to kill. The movie is “No Time To Die” and Daniel Craig will portray the role of the secret agent for the last time. The full-length trailer of just 14 seconds duration will keep the interest alive. There is plenty of daredevil action along with the mystery element of the villain Rami Malek. In short, “Bond is back.” Full details of the story are sketchy but it is about Bond being forced out of peaceful retirement in Jamaica. Felix Leiter of the CIA is his old friend and he wants James to track down a villain.

Rami Malek is the mysterious villain who is in possession of dangerous new technology. There appear to be enough ingredients in the story for a potboiler.

Daily Mail UK says Bond also has a few devices at his disposal to defeat the designs of Rami Malek. New gadgets are a part of Bond’s arsenal and this time there are Gatling guns embedded in the headlights of his Aston Martin DB5. The trailer shows the super-spy performing incredible stunts on a motorcycle.

Craig feels it is time for a change

Daniel Craig is in his 50s and recently confirmed his Bond days were over. He was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert who asked, “If he is done with playing Bond.” His answer was in the affirmative. He also told another media outlet that it is time for a change and someone else could take over the role of James Bond.

Daily Mail UK says the villain Rami Malek remains in the shadows in the trailer. He appears as a masked figure behind a glass door. British actor, Naomie Harris (43) is in the role of Moneypenny. While speaking to a section of the media, she mentioned about the contribution of women in this film. She says, “In Bond 25 you have four strong, intelligent women who are responsible for driving the plot forward.” That has never happened before.

There are three others beside Naomie and all of them have prominent roles in “No Time To Die.” They are Lea Seydoux, Ana de Armas and Lashana Lynch.

Fans wait for the return of James Bond

According to Independent UK, Daniel Craig will reprise the role of 007 for the last time in “No Time To Die.” These Movies are action-packed and the teaser trailer released shows some of the sequences.

There is a brief glimpse of the villain portrayed by Rami Malek and it keeps the curiosity factor alive.

Craig has finally decided to step down from the Bond franchise after overtaking Roger Moore as the longest-serving 007 in history. When asked by the media if he would become a director, he said, “No thanks.” The character created by Ian Fleming has held the viewers captivated for more than 50 years – the first one was “Dr. No” in 1962. There could be many more in the series and the possibility of a woman in the role of 007 could be interesting.