"90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" Season 4 arrives in February, 2020and the show is debuting a mostly new cast. According to ET Online, Geoffrey is 41 years old, and Varya is 30 years old. Geoffrey is from Knoxville, Tennessee, while, Varya is from Russia. Geoffrey has been divorced twice and has suffered the loss of his son not too long ago.

He met Varya through a dating site and intends to propose to her in her hometown, but he needs to prove himself to her family and loved ones that he is the man for her.

Another couple is Avery and Ash. Avery is 32 years old, and Ash is 38 years old.

Avery is from Seattle, Washington, while Ash is from Australia.

Avery is a single mother of two children, she met her man on Instagram, and they immediately connected deeply. Avery travels to Australia to meet Ash, but when she realizes his job as a relationship coach brings female clients, she starts to get jealous.

David And Lana have similarities with Caeser and Maria from last season

David is 60 years old, and Lana is 27 years old. David is from Las Vegas, Nevada. Lana is from Ukraine. David is a computer programmer, and he met Lana on a dating website and explains how he has had many failed efforts to take their relationship further.

David and Lana have spoken for seven years online. On the show, he's traveling to Ukraine to see her.

He hopes to finally get together with her. Whenever they try and get together, she "ghosts" him. David revealed that he had spent roughly $100,000 on the relationship.

David and Lana's case reminds viewers of Caeser and Maria from a previous season of "90 Day Fiance," and many fans felt she was catfishing Caeser. She always found a reason not to meet with him.

But, he kept on sending her money.

Lisa is jealous of her Nigerian musician boyfriend and his relationship with women

Lisa is 52 years old from Pennsylvania, and Usman is 30 years old from Nigeria. Usman described as a famous entertainer and musician in his country in the preview. Lisa had no idea he was popular when she was talking to him through social media.

His stage name is "SojaBoy," and Lisa is incredibly jealous of his relationship with his female fans. She tells him to get rid of the females, but, he replied that they are not married yet.

Ed and Rosemarie relationship might be jeopardized because of his appearance

Ed is 54 years old and under five feet tall. He has been single for 28 long years. Ed met 23-year-old Rosemarie from Philipines. Ed has not been honest with Rosemarie about his appearance. When Rosemarie saw Ed, she was very shocked, and they later had a severe argument. Ed is disappointed that she wants to throw everything away. With a heartbroken face, Ed says he doesn't believe in love.

The new couples that have caught the most attention of 90-day fiancé viewers

According to E! Online, Stephanie and Erika are the first lesbian couple ever to be starred on the show

Stephanie is from Yonkers, New York, and Erika is from Australia. Stephanie has not revealed to her parents that she finds any women attractive, and she has a rare bone marrow problem that could affect her travel to Australia. The complication of this relationship is seen to change their love story.

Darcey and Tom returning to Season 4 of the show next year

Saving the best for the last, Darcey is returning to the show, and it is unclear whether she is still with her 39-year-old British boyfriend Tom Brooks. What we know is she doesn't trust him, because she feels he is hiding something.