'90 Day Fiance' star Deavan Clegg shared that she got new teeth. As reported, while she didn't deny the new teeth, she did deny suggestions that she got a nose job. Now, it looks like she may not be telling fibs, as fans believe. Deavan's mom, Elicia Clegg went onto her Instagram and insisted she never got it done. Plus, she produced a photo from 10 years ago that seems proof of what she's saying.

Deavan's mom denies nose job by her '90 Day Fiance' daughter

Following the many suggestions by fans who think Deavan got a nose job, Elicia rushed to defend her.

She took to her Instagram on Thursday night and shared a photo of her daughter from 10 years ago. The picture, an unedited school photo, seems to bear out her claims. Elica captioned her photo with, "Deavan age 13.. 10 years ago. No, she didn't get a nose job..notice her teeth..she had braces after this. This is an unedited School Picture."

Naturally, fans of "90 Day Fiance" commented on the photo. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • "The fact that you have to explain your child's whole picture is sad to me. I don't know if you explained the picture for yourself or because others would pick it apart. Regardless, She looks beautiful then and now."
  • "Shes beautiful then and now..x You [don't] need to explain yourself to trolls x."
  • "Even if she did have a nose job it isn’t anyone's business. It’s her face. I think people forgot that when we watched her on TLC she was mostly pregnant and immediately postpartum. Of course, she looks different now with...natural weight loss."
  • "She's a gorgeous woman, no need to explain to those programmed to misunderstand."
  • "Wow, people can be so rude. She is such a pretty girl before and how she is now and she has such a kind heart. You did a good job raising her."

Deavan moves on from nose critics with a new video on YouTube

Meanwhile, it looks like Deavan moved on from any "90 Day Fiance" critics who don't believe she never got a nose job.

She went onto YouTube and shared a new video. She directed people there from her Instagram, noting, "New video up on our YouTube! JunnyVanny spends the day with @brittdejesus." In the video, we see that yes, it looks like a crossover day between the TLC cast members and MTV.

The video shows Brittany Dejesus and Deavan enjoying a fun time together.

Deavan and Brittany feature a lot in the video, but Jihoon tagged along behind. He looked a bit bored and withdrawn. One fan noted in the comments, "You need to tickle Junny so he will smile!!" But, most "90 Day Fiance" fans just loved the crossover collaboration. One fan noted, "Wow this is the most random pairing lol. Was just watching teen mom reunion with Leah's pregnant sister who now has a Costa Rican baby daddy, and was thinking to myself omg, she could be on 90 days.

My 2 fav reality shows. And now this?! The irony!"

What do you think about the photo that Deavan Clegg's mom Elicia shared to prove she never got a nose job? Do you think Deavan even cares? After all, she just seemed excited to be out and about with Brittany Dejesus.

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