If there are still fans of "90 Day Fiancé" stars Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima who hope that they will get back together, consider that a pipe dream. This was after Johnson decided to sell off the wedding dress Lima used when they got married. Fans are now reacting hilariously on the sale of the wedding gown on social media.

Larissa Lima's wedding dress details and fans reaction on Twitter

Johnson is said to have listed the wedding dress on the website Fanbound for $500. The ad touted the dress as “a piece of television memorabilia.” The ad even compared the dress to Dorothy’s ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz" and the Delorean car from the "Back to the Future" movies.

What shocked people more about the wedding dress is the fact that it was sold at a relatively cheap price. The average cost of a simple wedding dress in America is around $1,000, reports Daily Mail. Lima’s wedding dress could have been priced higher, considering it is a major part of reality TV history.

Nasty breakup between Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima

The ex-couple made headlines earlier this year after their messy back-and-forth following the announcement of their separation.

Johnson filed for divorce from Lima in January after a chaotic seven-month marriage. Just hours before his filing, he got Lima arrested for domestic violence. This was after she physically assaulted her when she found out that he bought porn. It was her third arrest under domestic violence charges.

According to reports, the fact that Johnson got left with a bloody lip, during the incident, alarmed his mom.

To help end the marriage, she gave him money to pay for the divorce filing fee.

The feud between the two escalated when Johnson confirmed that he made attempts to cancel Lima’s green card. There has been no update as to whether he was successful in doing so.

At this point, Johnson is already indifferent to the plights that Lima faces.

He already celebrated his divorce by organizing a “reverse bachelor party” two months after filing for separation. When asked if he had any updates about Lima’s possible deportation, he said that he does not care about her anymore.

Lima’s other messy breakup

Months after she separated from Johnson, Lima had another nasty breakup with boyfriend Eric Nichols. Reports say that Lima broke it off with Nichols through an Instagram post. This was after days of fighting on social media, which alarmed many followers.

It is also said that the 32-year old reality star filed a police report against Nichols for allegedly harassing her.

Lima dating again

Lima, meanwhile, is not in tears over Johnson’s and Nichols’ obvious dislike of her. She admitted that her relationship with Nichols failed because she has not fully healed from her divorce yet. But now, she feels that she is ready to date. She even said that she loves the dating scene. Stay tuned for more updates on "90 Day Fiance."