After Sunday’s “90 Day Fiancéepisode, Mursel may have to decide whether he should tell his family about Anna’s sons or not soon.

The episode saw Anna confront her fiancé again about keeping her three sons a secret from his family. Anna told Mursel that she can no longer wait for him to gain the courage to spill the beans to his parents. She gave him an ultimatum: she will not proceed with their planned marriage unless he comes clean about the secret.

Mursel explained to Anna that it is going to be difficult for him to justify her past to his parents, considering that he comes from a conservative Turkish background.

His family may not be able to look past the fact that she already had three sons with a previous boyfriend.

Mursel's decision to keep secret from his family

The secret has always been an uneasy subject between the couple.

It can be recalled that when Mursel first told Anna about keeping the secret, he clarified that he will be shamed in his family if word gets out about the truth. He even suggested to her that he will tell them about her sons in ten years.

It also caused controversy in the Campisi household. He opened up about how he is unable to tell his family the truth when he first met his future mother-in-law.

Anna’s mom disliked that her grandsons will be kept as a top-secret.

Anna, for her part, is unsure about Mursel’s future plans. In a confessional in a previous episode, she realized that her fiancé might choose to go home if his parents are made aware of her three sons.

She already asked Mursel about the possibility of his parents eventually knowing about their secret.

He responded by assuring that his family will never know about it, which left Anna unsatisfied.

What do Anna's sons and friends think of Mursel?

Even Anna’s sons and friends are not comfortable with her marrying Mursel.

Her sons were offended that he is keeping them a secret to his parents. They felt that he was ashamed of them and that he only cares about their mother.

In a previous episode, Mursel pleaded to them to be more understanding of the situation. Already dealing with the language barrier, he struggled further when Anna’s eldest son reminded him that everything was on him because he decided to fly to America.

Anna’s friends, on the other hand, are distrustful of Mursel. During her bachelorette party, Anna opened up about her fiancé telling her to only have one drink once a week. Her friends’ eyebrows rose further when she revealed that he refuses to be intimate with her when she drinks alcohol.

They also flip out when Anna discloses his decision to keep her sons a secret from his parents. They tell her bluntly that she might want to reconsider marrying the guy. Stay tuned for more "90 Day Fiance" news and updates.