Craig Melvin blends the political world with topical banter, beautifully, in his job for NBC. The debonair broadcaster usually waits until his shift with MSNBC to talk politics. This morning, November 8, however, politics took over on the third-hour of “Today” with the presidential considerations by Michael Bloomberg in the Alabama primary.

Craig Melvin had a lot to say about political news, and even more to say about his documentary on the World Series. However, his co-hosts couldn't help but be preoccupied with his attire, particularly, his pants.

Melvin is known to be stylish, but some took exception to the raised hem of his pants and even had him model the trendsetting choice.

Kanye West is another presidential headline stealer. The singer and social activist has proclaimed his presidential aspirations, and he has the perfect moniker, or so he thinks.

How high should a hem be?

There was no controversy, at all, earlier this week on the “Today” third-hour for Craig Melvin. The doting dad and originator of the “Dads Got This” segment showed off photos of his three-year-old daughter, Sybil, known as “Sibby” to all who love her. His girl was all decked out in pink in celebration of her third birthday and looked like the portrait of a perfect daddy's princess while she visited his workplace.

Dylan Dreyer was the first to bring up Craig Melvin's shorter slacks this morning, noting the buzz created by the slender leggings. Sheinelle Jones credited Al Roker for his fashion influence on Melvin, who often describes the upbeat Roker as his mentor. Al Roker noted that Craig was even stylish during the performance by the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, wearing shoes that matched the dancers’ reindeer suits.

Craig Melvin wasn't given such grace about his shorter hemlines today. He was asked to compare his pants and “the break” between the socks with that of the lanky Willie Geist.

The pants of Melvin’s political partner on MSNBC fell farther down, but Willie still called them “all in” with style. Sheinelle said that Craig was trying to emulate the style of NBA great Dwyane Wade. The basketball star is also a dad rejoicing on the birthday of his daughter, Kaavia, with Gabrielle Union, who just turned 1. Fatherhood joy runs far deeper than championship trophies, so a nod for paternity is understandable.

Kanye has a new name

Kanye West has made a recent media surge, singing amidst a gospel choir on a jet with James Corden on “The Late Late Show” as a reaffirmation of his Christian faith. A personal vow should never be mocked, but most true followers of the Christian faith let their lives speak for their beliefs.

Amidst the flurry of commentary regarding the Bloomberg run, Kanye West has put his public musings of a 2024 presidential run on the public record. The music megastar is famous for his fashion imprint as much as for his music, but judging from his proposed name change, he may not be so confident about his conviction.

Christian Genius Billionaire is the new name being mulled over by Kanye West in advance of running for the White House. Willie Geist was first to say, “Truth be told, I don't think you need to say it out loud, it's your life.”

Many may share that opinion, but Kanye has always courted unique limelight and the attention of the current resident in the White House who seems to have an endless yearning for attention, even as impeachment hearings proceed.

Time will tell if Kanye West holds to his presidential dreams.

No one can say that “Today” conversations don’t keep things lively, from pants to personal proclamations, it's always fun to listen.