Dylan Dreyer is totally hands-on in her approach to life. The bubbly “Today” meteorologist used her skill in making abstract concepts very concrete, just weeks ago, demonstrating the change in how the sun hits the earth above and below the equator during fall months. Bringing out her handy-dandy black marker and an orange, Dylan Dreyer could have been in any elementary school classroom, teaching her lesson on weather. This morning, October 14, Dreyer was fresh off a weekend of hosting a session at the New York Wine & Food Festival, and the resourceful mom described just what to do when a kitchen demonstration doesn’t exactly go as planned.

It always helps to have your three-year-old in the audience.

Bringing out the charm offensive

Like the other professionals of the “Today” show and her third-hour colleagues, Dylan Dreyer knows the disaster of dead air, especially when any action is “live” before cameras. She described both the honor and the bevy of activity at the esteemed food and beverage event as “bananas,” and by the way, bananas happen to be one of her son, Calvin’s, favorite foods.

Dylan Dreyer was all set to prepare one of Calvin’s other favorites, her homemade chicken pot pie, for her premiere food event, until the main ingredient wasn’t quite ready. That's why Calvin came to his mommy’s rescue.

The effervescent co-host was only into her cooking demonstration for about a minute when she noticed that the chicken in her pot was not even cooked.

It seems like the New York Wine & Food Festival folks are not up to the wizardry of cooking by magic, like “Today” preparation staff, who make sure there is always one ready in the oven at exactly the same time that the just-mixed recipe goes into the preheated appliance.

It had to the divine providence that Dylan’s husband, Brian Fichera, just happened to be watching with their son, Calvin, 3.

Dylan called her preschooler up to the kitchen stage, and he could not have been more precious. He may not possess the slice and dice skills of the professional chefs just yet, but he certainly showed off personality as he played with bowls, worked the dishtowel for cleanup, and even tasted a spoonful for Mom. The audience didn’t show one bit of dissatisfaction at seeing the featured cooking star become a duo, and Dylan Dreyer's session still came off as a hit after the other 29 minutes.

Always up for a taste test

Calvin didn’t make one disdainful face after tasting anything at his big stage debut in cooking, but Dylan Dreyer has frequently shared the fun of seeing her son try all manner of food and drink through his young years. Of course, he'll have to wait several more years before he is eligible to offer his review on wines, but he has already weighed in on seltzer water, his first apple, and chocolate goodies. The growing boy has also teamed up for swim safety lessons with his mom.

Harry Smith was sitting in for Al Roker, and the veteran broadcaster couldn't get enough of Dylan Dreyer’s pot pie. She calls the dish her “go-to meal” for the weekend or a weekday night, and loves that it gets “all the veggies in there” for Calvin.

She confirmed to Smith that her boy really does eat the vegetables, the chicken, and the puff pastry crust.

Dylan Dreyer has mentioned in the past that Calvin would rather watch Elmo on TV than her, but if he ever wants to have his own cooking show (or take the “Today” kitchen), he seems to already know the ropes and the spoons, too.