"90 Day Fiance" fans sometimes take their obsessions with the stars of the TLC show to almost incredible levels. And, Tiffany Franco Smith's just one star who gets loads of messages every time she shares anything to Instagram. This time, she's just about over it, and told frantic fans to "get a job."

Tiffany posts about vaxing - '90 Day Fiance' fans go bananas

Tiffany franco's usually mild-mannered and pleasant on her Instagram. And, fans seem to like her. At the end of "The Other Way," I reported that @90dayfiancenews on Instagram held a poll on which couples fans wanted back on the next season.

Tiffany and Ronald score favorably with many fans. Actually, apart from a few trolls telling her to lose weight, little hate and bullying goes her way. And, recently, she shared that she's focussing on addressing that anyway. But, the "90 Day Fiance" star noted early Friday that she got loads of DMs about vaxing.

At all started off innocently enough, the night before. Tiffany shared a Story on her IG about vaxing. You can see it further down in this article. But when she checked her DMs, it turns out plenty of people checked the IGs first thing in the morning and sent her DMs about it. And, the "90 Day Fiance" star's not amused.

Tiffany tells '90 Day Fiance' followers who sent her messages about vaxing to 'get a job'

Her Story simply showed a meme of two people arm wrestling. One was labeled "Anti-Vax Moms" and the other, "Responsible Bartenders." Above them, a caption said, "Not Giving Shots to Babies." It probably appealed to people with a sense of humor, who caught on.

But, obviously, it upset some people. Maybe they thought the "90 Day Fiance" mom planned to not vax her kids. Or, on the other hand, maybe they thought she would. In any event, it's clear lots of people missed the fact that it was meant to be a funny meme.

In her next Story, Tiffany said, "My Dms are flooded with a bunch of annoying people.

Hahahaha." Then she added, "That post had nothing to do with whether I'm anti-vax or not. It is just a funny meme." Then she noted, "People just sit on their phones waiting for something to make them upset." Finally, she shot her slam back at them, saying, "Then they go in hard with the DMs. Hahahaha." Finally, she told them to "get a F*cking job!."

Vaxing's a hot topic on Instagram

Actually, vaxing or not vaxing's a huge topic on Instagram. Anyone from the Duggars to those stars from Bravo get plenty of debate and ugly arguments going when they post about it, whichever way.

So, it's no big surprise that Tiffany got loads of DMs.

What do you think about people going off at Tiffany Franco Smith over a simple meme about vaxing? Are you surprised that Tiffany showed her irritation and told them to go "get a...job?"

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