"90 Day Fiance" fans usually think the foreign partner in the TLC show just hankers after a Green Card. And, already on social media, Syngin's been accused of that. But, in a recent Q&A on Instagram, he indicated that he doesn't see himself in the USA long term. Plus, he mentioned that he's got a really hunky brother down in Cape Town, but he confirmed it's not his home town.

Syngin from '90 Day fiance' Season 7 speaks about staying in the USA long term

I reported that Tania got roasted on Twitter for being way too controlling and demanding kids from Syngin.

Interestingly, some fans in that thread raised the fact that they thought he just wanted the green card and would take off. One follower said, "I predict Syngin will wait out his time with Tania, then after getting his green card, dip to pursue his 'acting' career, then meet someone new and have a baby with her instead. And, it’ll be her own fault, being a control freak". But, it looks like the "90 Day Fiance" star won't entertain the idea of permanence in the USA for a number of reasons.

One fan on his Instagram story Q&A asked Syngin: "Do you see yourself living for the rest of your life in the USA?". The "90 Day Fiance" star replied, saying it's not likely. He said: "I don't think I've seen enough of the country to say".

Then he added the kicker, "But, probably not. The bush and the animals are home for me". In line with that, he also confirmed that Cape Town is not his original home. He actually comes from the Limpopo Province, which is where the famous Kruger National Park is located.

Cape Town, his hunky brother, and more friends needed in America

In his Q&A, Syngin noted that he met his "90 Day Fiance" girl Tania in Cape Town. But he was "just visiting" and doing a bit of odd work. It's quite possible he stayed at his brother's place. Syngin shared a photo of him from his profile on Instagram. His brother Dylan's a "Personal Trainer/ Strength/Conditioning & Movement Coach", and it seems he lives and works in Cape Town as most of his photos show him there at work and play.

Meanwhile, returning to the subject of staying in the USA long term, it seems the "90 Day Fiance" star's not totally thrilled to be there. One fan asked if he's "happy in the USA". Syngin replied: "I definitely could [be]" but he also noted that he needs to make "some friends to make it better". Certainly, from what we've seen on the show, the only friends in sight belong to Tania. It looks like Syngin's a fun-loving and gregarious man, so no wonder he's a bit in need of like-minded companionship.

What do you think about Syngin missing his home with the animals and the bush?

Do you agree that kind of pulling at the home-strings means it's unlikely to see him opt to live in the USA in the long term?

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