The Walking Dead” is reportedly ending after season 12. The franchise will then focus on the sister-show “Fear the Walking Dead” and the yet untitled new “TWD” spin-off.

The Independent claimed that “The Walking Dead” will air its final episode on March 2022.

The focus will be on ‘The Walking Dead’ spinoffs

The main series is currently heading to season 10 midseason finale. But sources claim that it won’t be long until the AMC hit zombie drama ends.

As reported by The Independent, Scott Gimple wants to focus on “Fear the Walking Dead,” a show that is currently in its sixth season.

There’s also a second spin-off coming. This show will focus on teenagers in the zombie apocalypse and will be set in an entirely different time frame.

According to The Independent, AMC wants to do two more seasons of the main series before ending it and focusing on the spinoffs.

The ending of the main series might also be the result of the highly-anticipated Rick Grimes movie trilogy.

The Rick Grimes movies were announced earlier in 2019 following Andrew Lincoln’s shocking exit from the main series in season 9, episode 5.

Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” comics also ended somewhat surprisingly with issue 193.

‘The Walking Dead’ is already headed to the comic book’s final story arc

It should be noted that the TV show is already heading to the comic book’s final storyline following Eugene Porter's radio call-in season 10, episode 6, which seems to indicate that our group of survivors will find the Commonwealth after all.

In this episode titled “Bonds,” Eugene boosted the range of the radio using the parts of the satellite that fell out of the sky in the season premiere. Not long after, he found himself talking with a woman from an unknown location and community.

The woman didn’t want to reveal where she is, but she did say, however, that she is from Pennsylvania, which points her in the direction of the Commonwealth, an Ohio-based group.

In Robert Kirkman’s comic, an unknown woman speaks with Eugene on the radio and does not reveal her location, the same as in the show. She eventually reveals her name to be Stephanie.

Stephanie is a member of the massive community known as the Commonwealth.

Speaking of the Commonwealth, fans believe this is also where Maggie currently is, which would tie perfectly to the end of the comics.

Season 10 continues Sunday on AMC and Monday on Fox UK. The show is available to stream on NOW TV.

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