The seventh season of "90 Day Fiancé" will premiere on TLC this Sunday. The show will feature new couples and fans are looking forward to the new season. However, one couple from the recently concluded season will continue their love story on the show. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi will continue their story on the TLC show.

Angela and Michael's relationship

Angela and Michael featured on the "90-DayFiancé" season which ended last month. In the Tell-All episodes which aired last week, the couple confirmed that they were still together. Michael will move to America for the upcoming season as was revealed in a trailer released by TLC.

In the trailer, Angela undergoes a Botox procedure as she prepares for Michael’s arrival. The 30-year-old Nigerian secured a K-1 Visa to travel to the United States and will reunite with his girlfriend in Georgia. However, in the tease video, Angela asks a sobbing Michael if he still wants to get married to her. She is later shown telling producers that she is feeling some emotional pain from their relationship.

In their last appearance on the TLC show, the biggest challenge in their relationship was Angela’s inability to conceive. The couple had some sessions at infertility clinics and the 54-year-old chances of conceiving a child for her potential husband were not that great. She had an opportunity to break the news to Michael’s mother but she instead told her that she would conceive a child with Michael.

Her potential in-laws have stressed that it was important for Angela to conceive a child in the relationship. The new season will reveal how the couple handles the delicate balance of Angela’s potential infertility and Michael’s family demands.


With the Tell All for last season’s "90 Day Fiancé" airing last week, Angela was involved in some backstage drama with her fellow co-stars.

The 54-year-old argued with fellow reality star Avery Mills about Jesse’s appearance on the show. Jesse, who is Darcey Silva’s ex-boyfriend, appeared on the Tell All episodes to speak about his relationship with his former girlfriend. Avery and Tim Malcolm were not happy to see Jesse join the show since he did not feature in the now-concluded season.

They felt that he was being manipulative of Darcey and was there to cause problems in her relationship with Tom Brooks, which was already very fragile. Angela, on the other hand, welcomed Jesse and felt that Tim and Avery were bullying him. She confronted Avery about her treatment of Darcey’s ex-boyfriend and the two exchanged words. Avery’s mother also went backstage to defend her daughter from Angela’s attacks. The reality star had to leave the Tell All early after she confirmed that she was still dating Michael.