"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Jenny and Sumit knew each other for years before they appeared on the TLC show. But, disgusted by his behavior on the show, some fans feel Jenny's crazy for still trusting him. After all, he never told her he married, and whether that's an arranged marriage or not, he still lied. But her supporters on Instagram hate that some fans questioned her. That started a row, and Jenny told everyone to just stop. She claims they are still "together" and he always loved her. In fact, she says he loved her first.

Sumit got married, and rumors suggest Jenny knew about it all along

In September, I reported that it's quite possible Jenny knew all along that Sumit married an Indian woman. At the time, I wrote, "Over on Instagram, "fraudedbytlc" posted up a photo and captioned it with just a series of "90 Day Fiance" hashtags. The meat of the "spoiler" was in a screencap. It read. "Sumit is already married. He was arranged married while he and Jenny were on a break." Well, if that's the case, then a lot of viewers got taken by the way TLC presented their storyline.

However, the rumors never actually got proven, and Jenny's tears when she found out about the Sumit being married seemed quite genuine. Many fans of the show actually cried along with her, according to various social media posts.

In a way, some followers feel that if she really did not know, then that made it even worse. Because of that, some fans worry about the fact that Jenny says they are still "together." How can she possibly trust him? they ask. And, different views make for rows that erupt on her Instagram.

Row erupts between '90 Day Fiance' fans on Jenny's Instagram

The latest row that erupted on Jenny's Instagram started when one follower said, "Please don't tell me you two are together. So sad ." Well, Jenny asked, "why would it be sad?" She also added they'd been in love "for close to 8 years." When the "90 Day Fiance" follower clarified on their feelings, they said, "because of all the lieing (sic) he did, I can't respect a man who does that.

Know U love him but until he comes to the USA and leaves his wife & family would not trust him." Other fans also agreed with those points.

Another follower noted, "because he had a wife. He lied to so many for so many years. Trust is the main part of love. He is not a good man, just very selfish. Didn't care about your feelings or his wife's or her family's. If you can live with that, then their (sic) is something missing in your soul. It's called empathy and self-worth." Naturally, Jenny's supporters hit back at the critics and that started a row between fans.

Jenny tells fans to 'stop' as row erupts on her IG over Sumit

Angry '90 Day Fiance" fans who support Jenny and Sumit slammed the critics for questioning Sumit's love, trust, and intentions.

One said to critics, "no there is nothing missing in Jenny’s soul ... but obviously there is in yours!!! You are straight up hateful ... Shame on you!!!!!!!" Another said, "she has a lot of empathy and self-worth. Sad for you though that you can't see he's a good man. He's going to prove you all wrong. They are in love." As more fans from both sides got into the row, Jenny eventually told everyone to just "stop."

Before she said critics should just "stop," the "90 Day Fiance" star confirmed that she and Sumit are still "Together." Additionally, she told one fan, "we are in Love and together forever." Angry, she went on to say, "Stop." Followed by, "he loved me first. She was forced on him." So, it seems like Jenny's quite happy to accept that Sumit got an arranged marriage forced on him, and he just lied to her.

That's okay with her.

Will we see Jenny and Sumit on a new season of '90 Day Fiance?'

In answer to other questions, she promised an update "soon." That may mean they're under an NDA, which might back up rumors they feature in the next season of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way."

What do you think about Jenny defending Sumit from critics on her Instagram? Are you surprised to hear that they remain "together," and that everything's fine with Jenny as he loved her first? Do you agree that fans shouldn't row over it, as none of us know the real truth behind their televised story?

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