The seventh season of "90 Day Fiancé" premiered this month on TLC. Fans have been getting to know the new couples in the last two episodes. The latest episode sheds more light on what to expect over the 90 days. One couple that has fans talking, on social media, is Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen.

Michael and Juliana

Michael Jessen is a 42-year-old American wine entrepreneur while Juliana Custodio is a 23-year-old model from Brazil. They met at a yacht party in Croatia. Michael has said that his girlfriend did not speak fluent English, at the time, and they had trouble communicating.

To overcome the language barrier, Juliana ordered him a couple of drinks and got him drunk. They kept in touch after the party. Michael is divorced and has three children from his previous relationship. However, he has a good relationship with his ex-wife, Sally.

Latest episode of '90 Day Fiance'

In the latest episode of the "90 Days Fiance," Michael revealed some details about his financial spending with Juliana. The Brazilian model had access to his credit cards while she was still living in Brazil. The couple had applied for a K-1 Visa after they met but it took a while to go through. During the waiting period for the visa, Juliana allegedly bought a car using Michael’s credit card. Some fans on social media expressed their disbelief at the extent of Michael’s generosity while others felt that Juliana was taking advantage of his financial status.

He also revealed that he is planning to propose to the 23-year-old. Michael went out to shop for some expensive jewelry shopping. While the 42-year-old has admitted he is well off, some viewers have said that he may be a bit extravagant. He has admitted to spending more than $100,000 dollars on Juliana since they started dating.

Juliana and Michael age difference

Juliana and Michael have an age difference of 19 years, the largest on the show this season. However, the two have not had any disagreements so far this season.

They have even met up with Michael’s ex-wife. She seems to approve of their relationship although she may raise objections if Juliana tries to parent her children. In the trailer for the new season, Sally said she did not want Juliana to act as a stepmother to her children. Juliana interacted with Michaels' kids in the latest episode. They had fans buzzing on social media. Their reaction towards Juliana entertained many viewers. The kids made fun of her age but otherwise got along with their newest family member. It seems like children will play a key part in the various storylines this season. Anna Campisi and Muriel Minstanoglu teased a breakup on the show’s trailer due to objections by Muriel’s family to Anna who has children from another relationship. Stay tuned for more "90 Days Fiance" updates.