"90 Day Fiance" fans heard rumors that Jenny and Sumit might return for the next season of "The Other Way." So, interest in their relationship remains high on social media. Now, they both confirmed they are not together but they do still love each other.

Sumit posts about the '90 Day Fiance' couple not being together on Instagram

A while back, Blasting News reported that on Sumit and Jenny's Instagrams, Jenny lost it with fans who argue and quibble about her and Sumit. Fans grew very critical about Sumit cheating on his Indian wife. However, more rumors suggest that he actually got a divorce, paving the way for them to get back together.

Now, it turns out that the "90 Day Fiance" couple attempt a reunion and plan their lives together for the long term. But currently, they aren't actually together according to Sumit.

On Wednesday night, Sumit shared a post on his Instagram. He's looking a bit thinner than he appeared on the show. Wearing a pink shirt, which fans liked a lot, he answered questions. He captioned his post with "Sumit" (heart emoji) "Jenny." So, yes, they still love each other. When fans started asking if they are together yet, Sumit gave several replies that strongly indicate they are not together, at least physically.

The couple from '90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' remain separated right now

Sumit replied to a question about whether they are both well.

He noted, "All well." Next, someone asked if they were together and he told them that they're "working on it." Other questions of a similar nature came in and his response to "90 Day Fiance" fans indicates he's extremely upbeat and confident that they will be together soon. Probably, he awaits a visa and sees no issues why he won't get it.

Several times, he said, "things will work out."

Sumit also told one follower, that he and Jenny are "together but not in person." Meanwhile, he feels he went through a difficult time getting this far along with Jenny. He noted, that it "was not easy to stand-up against many but anything for love." And, it seems his reward for finally standing up to his family means they "will be together soon and she is best." Meanwhile, Jenny also chipped into the conversation.

Jenny confirmed the couple still love each other despite not being together

Mistakenly tagging Jenny on Sumit's page, a "90 Day Fiance" fan asked if she's still with him. Kindly, Jenny replied, saying, "yes we are still loving ea and gonna be together soon." Naturally, fans of the couple shared their happiness at the news. The follower commented, "Jenny...that is AWESOME GIRL!!!... I really appreciate your reply Jenny...when the time finally gets here & you two can be together-ITS GOING TO BE OUT OF THIS WORLD HAPPY!!!!! Y'all will truly be what most people dream of-Madly in Love, Strong (due to all of the things you've gone through TOGETHER), Respectful of The Other & NOT LEAST BUT LAST- - HAPPY!!!"

So, as you can see there's still a lot of love for Jenny and Sumit.