When Calls the Heart” fans have Christmas on the brain, and no one can blame the millions of viewers of the Hallmark Channel’s most beloved series. The Thanksgiving turkey isn’t even in the oven but many faithful “Hearties” already have an early Christmas gift. Erin Krakow, the leading lady of “When Calls the Heart,” filled hearts with joy and memories on November 10 at the New Jersey ChristmasCon, and everyone would agree that the trek was worth every mile.

Many other favorite stars from “When Calls the Heart,” and other Hallmark productions, were there to mix and mingle for the weekend and it was no wonder why the cast was already engrossed in the Christmas spirit.

Entertainment Tonight gave a special Christmas preview of the “When Calls the Heart” 2019 Christmas movie, “When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas," on November 19. Just days before, on November 16, a video from ET, shows the cast posing playful questions to one another.

It's only a few more weeks until “When Calls the Heart” caps a cozy Christmas night, and the co-stars of the centerpiece drama don't seem to have any objection to a silly version of “20 Questions,” more or less, to the delight of their fans.

A holiday heart-tugger

When Calls the Heart” is famous for not revealing too many details ahead of their traditional Christmas viewing treat, but a sweet taste of what’s to come on Christmas night was revealed, along with some lovely holiday photos from the production.

Elizabeth has a mix of emotions, as expected. The loving, working mother wants to give her son, Jack, a beautiful first Christmas experience, but her excitement is tempered by melancholy for the loss of her late husband, with whom she imagined a lifetime of Christmases. She becomes involved in a family situation with Constable Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry), who must make “a life-altering decision” regarding his niece, Allie (Jaeda Lilly Miller).

Lucas Bouchard, portrayed by Chris McNally, does his best to bring the most memorable and multicultural Christmas possible to Hope Valley, re-creating an authentic German Christmas, and luring lots of visitors to the Northwest Territory community. Erin Krakow relates that her steadfast friends, Lee and Rosemary Coulter (Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton) keep “moving forward” in their relationship and find the perfect gift for baby Jack.

Judge Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) has a wonderful gift, too, but he can't seem to remember where he put it.

This romance between Dr. Carson Shepherd (Paul Greene) and his nurse, Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks), known as #TeamInfirmary by ET, is still thriving but the pair miss each other in transit during the Christmas storyline. Faith comes to Valley in hopes of seeing Carson, only to discover that he has left with the same plan to see her. His travels home are described as “complicated,” but as long as he Faith find each other in the end, it’s all that fans could ask. Andrea Brooks has been expecting throughout Season 7 filming and the actress will glow all by herself, without any twinkling lights.

Erin Krakow is too much of a professional to pour out many details pertaining to Elizabeth Thornton’s decisions on future romance, but she did say that she feels that Elizabeth is “surprised to have feelings for anyone, let alone two men,” as she described to ET. She further gushed that Jack would approve, since both her suitors are “handsome, generous, and sensitive,” not to mention “good with her kid” and “good listeners.” Krakow insists that Jack Thornton would approve of either Lucas or Nathan. There's not much not to like about either gentleman, and fans can’t wait to see how Elizabeth’s path to love unfolds.

When it comes to knowing each other, the cast of “When Calls the Heart” demonstrates that they don't have too many secrets.

Cats, dogs, wine, and cold water

Chris McNally is a passionate ambassador for rescue dogs, and doting dog-dad to his own “pitskys,” Charley and Bowie, rescued from an abandoned litter in an airport parking lot. The handsome star inquired if Pascale Hutton was “a cat person or a dog person.” Hutton described growing up with both, and that is what she still prefers, so there's no fuss about pet hair from Pascale.

Pascale and Kavan Smith share such natural rapport, on-screen and off, that the two know quite a lot about each other's preferences. Kavan Smith stressed that “she knows” what he and his wife love to do on Friday nights. Their favorite pastime is to share a bottle of wine and bring out the oldies from the 70s and 80s.

Kayla Wallace truly is as independent as her character, Fiona Miller. Jack Wagner had the nerve to ask what she would do if her horse “plopped” in the street with a nature break while she was talking to a Hope Valley friend. Being Canadian, Wallace said that she would first apologize and then excuse herself to “clean it up.” Hopefully, the gallant guys of “When Calls the Heart” would show up with a broom and shovel.

Paul Greene asked his on-screen love, Andrea Brooks, whether she would rather swim in the chilly, man-made lake of Hope Valley in November or eat the prop jar of pickled eggs in the general store. Without hesitation, Brooks said that Paul could look forward to her taking a dip in that cool water, hopefully after her happy and healthy baby is born.

None of the talented cast likes consuming the food, that sits for five hours, during mealtime scenes, but they're good at faking being hungry. Aren Buchholz, who plays Jesse, loves dressing up like Meryl Streep characters for Halloween.

The last question came to Erin Krakow, inquiring which love she would choose other than her two marvelous “When Calls the Heart” men. It didn't take two seconds for her to say “baby Jack,” and Elizabeth and her son have wonderful adventures ahead, for their Hope Valley Christmas and through a warm and exciting Season 7.