"90 Day Fiance" alum Jay Smith seems okay these days with his income. In fact, he's sharing the high-life on social media and loves flashing his cash around. Perhaps you need to be low-income at some stage to take photos of your actual money. But, Ashley Martson's not impressed at all. In fact, she said she'd double his money to get him to sign her divorce papers. But why would he? After all, she's on and off on him from time to time and nobody believes her now-so-frequent regrets for giving him more chances. In fact, it looks like Jay's got the best end of the deal these days.

Jay Smith photographs his cash and looks not short of a few dollars

These days Jay Smith's gaining recognition as a tattoo artist. Like him or not, those people who love getting inked respect his work very much. One "90 Day Fiance" fan on his Instagram noted, "Call him a d*ckhead or whatever u want but the dude has some skills." One fan urged him to join the Black Ink crew. "You will be a perfect addition to the cast, we all will love to watch you grow and establish your own business...You already have a great storyline everyone is interested in," they said.

And, it looks like Jay does all right with his paid sponsorships and his tattoo income. While he dresses well, parties hard and spends money, Ashley Martson, his estranged wife told fans it's back to her old job doing dental hygiene.

It looks like Jay's got the better end of the deal right now. Certainly, this Jamaican embraced American culture. On his Instagram, fellow Jamaicans note that he's more American than ever. And, it looks like not signing Ashley's divorce papers might keep the "90 Day Fiance" alum in the USA for some time to come.

Ashley Martson would double the '90 Day Fiance' alum's paycheck if he signs the divorce papers

This week, Jay twice shared photos of his cash.

One of those Instagram Stories got picked up by guru and blogger John Yates. In reply to the post, Ashley Martson wrote, "I’d give him two of those to sign the damn divorce papers. It’s time to just sign and move on!" But "90 Day Fiance" critics noted she always goes back to him. Actually lots of them think he never really left her and it's just drama. One fan said, "stop with the back and forth? As long as you two keep making up and breaking up then he will never sign."

And, why should Jay actually sign them? After all, we all heard, and Reality TV World reminded us, that Ashley tried hard to get him deported. While things looked bleak for a while, and Ashley based her second divorce filing on him cheating on her, Jay's sister countered that.

The outlet noted, "Jay's sister Poochie went on Instagram and made several shocking public accusations against Ashley -- including claims that Ashley is the paid mistress of a rich old sugar daddy and that Ashley's affair is what caused Jay to cheat on Ashley other women."

While I'm no expert at immigration law, it could be that if he signs the divorce then the "90 Day Fiance" alum's got no defense to continue staying in the USA. Perhaps ICE would really deport him. And, anyway, it looks like right now, Jay simply doesn't need any of Ashley's cash.

What do you think about Jay Smith living the high-life and flashing his cash around? Do you think he'd be remotely interested in Ashley Martson's offer to double his money if he signed the divorce papers?

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