"The Young and the Restless" (Y&R) rumors, regarding weekly episodes, tell us that there will be turmoil in Genoa City. Victor Newman will return to power again, without forgetting to carry out his plan. The Mustache will return to the head of Newman Enterprises, upsetting Vicky. Subsequently, Dog and Phyllis will meet in Las Vegas. Cane will be in trouble, what will happen? In addition, Phyllis Summers will have many interesting questions for Amanda, finalized and find out what she is doing and plotting. Returning to Victor, Soap Dirt writes that, in the next few episodes, he will be furious when he discovers that Billy is trying to keep Victoria away from him and his family.

Meanwhile, Phyllis will go to Las Vegas.

Victor returns to Newman Enterprises

''The Young and the Restless" rumors indicate that Victor is planning to return to Newman Enterprises. The news will not make Vicky too happy. She will try to change The Mustache's mind but will not get any results. After all, Victor always does what he wants, for better or for worse. Victoria will then discuss the matter with Billy, who will offer her a job with Jabot. This will be followed by a fierce battle to take over the co-CEO leadership.

Victor Newman plots in the shadows, Cane falls to the ground unconscious

Victor Newman will not give up on his evil plan and this week will continue to plot in the shadows. Other ''Y&R'' rumors, as Fame 10 writes, suggest that he will make a deal with Nikki.

What will you have in mind? Both Phyllis and Cane will be in Las Vegas and the two will have the opportunity to meet. In this regard, Cane will be in trouble, falling to the ground unconscious. A thief will kidnap Ashby, who will find himself in danger. However, we know that Phyllis Summers is close and could play a key role in this storyline.

You can't rule out her and Adam going to save Cane.

Victor's disturbing discovery in 'The Young and The Restless' episodes

The latest ''Y&R'' rumors also reveal that Chelsea will make an unexpected revelation in the episodes aired this week. According to Fame 10's hypothesis, it could be the relationship with Nick. Alternatively, it could be about his resentment towards him for hiding the truth about Victor.

Also, in the next episodes, Jack and Traci will have the opportunity to rethink their past. Probably, they will remember their childhood or, again, some interesting event left buried in their unconscious. Finally, Soap Dirt writes that Victor makes a disturbing discovery, what will it be? All that remains is to wait for the next ''The Young and the Restless'' spoilers, updates and rumors.