"The Young and the Restless'' rumors for October, focus on Victor and his fake death. After revealing his plan to the rest of the family, Victor will make a disturbing discovery that will change his life forever. Lily will most likely return to Genoa City. In addition, Chelsea will put in place a plan to launder the money received from her ex-husband Calvin. To that end, she will use Kevin's alliance. As Fame 10 writes, Rey and Sharon may have another chance to reconnect. How will Adam react? Below are more rumors and probable plots for the episodes.

Victor vs Adam

In "The Young and the Restless" episodes of October, Victor's plan will be discovered. The Moustache will most likely have a confrontation with Adam, which could end very badly. In addition, he will reveal his plan to the rest of the world. What will he have in mind? Chelsea, after finding out Victor is alive, will be angry with Nick, who didn't tell her how things really were.

The rumors of ''Y&R'' reveal that the return of Victor will upset several people, including Victoria. Victoria and Billy's marriage may, therefore, be affected. In addition, there will be developments regarding the issue of Devon's legacy. Cane may offer help to Chance.

Christel Khalil returns in 'Young and the Restless'

There is some good news that might make soap opera fans happy. As reported by Fame 10, actress Christel Khalil could return in the role of Lily. Her photo appeared on the Instagram profile of actors Mishael Morgan and Daniel Goddard. So Lily, having started shooting again on the set, will soon make her return to Genoa City.

Other ''The Young and the Restless'' rumors related to the October plots, tease that Jack will talk to Billy and Kyle. Jack will make the decision to withdraw from his father's company. At the same time, Kevin will receive an interesting proposal, which will be impossible to respond to with a rejection.

Rey and Sharon reconnect

''Y&R'' rumors for October say that Chelsea will make an interesting offer to Kevin. Chelsea seems to want to launder the money she receives from Calvin. Will her plan be successful? Without a doubt, Kevin might come in handy to help her achieve her goal. In addition, there will be development between Rey and Sharon, who may reconnect.

The storyline of The Moustache will continue to surprise fans. Victor will make a disturbing discovery. According to Fame 10, Victor may be dealing with unexpected news about his family or, again, his state of health. Without a doubt, it will be a hard blow for him. We just have to wait for the next ''The Young and The Restless'' episodes of October to find out what it is.