Tricia Cast, who portrayed Nina Webster on "The Young and the Restless," lost her husband, Bat McGrath, to colon cancer, which was diagnosed last December. According to Soap Hub, the couple decided not to utilize a treatment they believed would diminish his quality of life. McGrath was 73 and had been married to Cast since 2000. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz, in Genoa City, about Nina's son Chance. Fans have been wondering if he returns, perhaps his mother will not be far behind. The CBS daytime drama has been bringing a lot of fan favorites back to the screen.

Nothing, however, has been said at this time regarding Nina coming back to town.

'Y&R' may be setting up a Nina return

Tricia Cast sharing the news of her husband passing away is sad, but it puts her back in the spotlight. it's possible that "Y&R" executives may reach out to have her back on the show. Nothing has been said but a return of Nina could have already been in the works, considering that her son Phillip Chancellor IV is being mentioned a lot. Cast herself may decide she wants to come back to Genoa City after a period of mourning. The actress first appeared on the CBS daytime drama in 1986 as a pregnant teen. She has returned several times throughout the years.

Currently on "The Young and the Restless" A lawyer named Amanda Sinclair claims that she is working for Chance who found out that Tucker had tampered with Katherine Chancellor's will.

New information has come to light that leaves the bulk of Mrs. Chancellor's fortune to Cane Ashby and not Devon Hamilton. Amanda is a doppelganger for Hilary and Devon suspects she was chosen just to rattle him. Jill insists that her grandson would never do anything so devious, so everyone is wondering who is the mastermind behind this ploy.

Tricia Cast would be welcomed back to 'Y&R'

The rumor mill, for "The Young and the Restless," suggests that Colin Atkinson may be behind the plot to steal Devon's billions. This is because he would believe he would benefit if his son was listed as the heir. Soap Dirt says Phyllis is in Las Vegas looking for Adam because he and Chance had some type of connection in Sin City prior to the Newman prodigal returning to Genoa City.

Should Tricia Cast decide to return to her old stomping grounds she would be a welcome addition to the show.

Soap Hub indicates that "Y&R" fans are sending their love, support, and prayers to Tricia Cast during this difficult time. Cast, 52, last appeared in Genoa City in 2009 and was on recurring status until 2012. Bat McGrath was a musician and wrote songs for singers such as Kenny Rogers. He was also a co-owner of a club, Hylie Morris' Alley, in Rochester NY His widow was quoted as saying that she may go to Rochester at some point in order to celebrate his life, music, and legacy.