The latest rumors, for "90 Day Fiance," reveal that Colt Johnson has a new woman. Colt seems to have forgotten his turbulent ex-wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima. As Soap Dirt writes, Colt would be ready to shoot a new show with her. One wonders how Jess Caroline, who recently posted a photo on social media wearing a cap with the TLC logo, will react. What's the latest? Let's find out.

The identity of Colt's new girlfriend revealed

Colt wasn't particularly lucky. His marriage to Larissa only brought the computer engineer trouble. Larissa was arrested several times and, despite the fact that he paid her lawyers, Dos Santos Lima did not want to know anymore.

According to Larissa, Colt has always been dependent on his mother, too intrusive in their relationship. Moreover, he had often accused him of being fat and not interested in her, since he spent all his time with his mother.

Now, Colt seems to have found love again. Her name is Vanessa Guerra and she lives in Las Vegas. It seems that Vanessa divorced her husband in 2019, as did Colt. Unlike Johnson, however, Vanessa is on good terms with her ex-husband.

Did Colt Johnson shoot another show?

Another interesting news tidbit, about Colt, comes from Soap Dirt. It seems that Larissa's ex-husband shot the scenes of a new show in Brazil. Until recently, it seemed that Colt was interested in Jess Caroline.

The two had posted several photos together. Meanwhile, Jess published other shots, intriguing fans of the show broadcast on TLC.

Jess Caroline posted on Facebook and Instagram a photo in which she wears a cap with the TLC logo. When she and Colt had started dating, there was a reunion rumor about a future TLC franchise. Everything seemed to lead to this, but evidently the situation has changed.

At the moment, it seems that Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra are shooting a new season of ''Happily Ever After."

Colt and Vanessa Guerra intrigue fans of '90 Days Fiance'

What should we expect from Colt Johnson's new love affair? At the moment, not much information has been leaked about Vanessa Guerra, Colt's likely woman. However, it seems that the computer engineer has closed down permanently with Jess Caroline.

Some time ago, Colt informed his followers that he was looking for a special piece of jewelry. Many had thought that the precious gift was for Jess but, in the light of the latest facts, it seems that it is not like that at all. Without a doubt, more details about the relationship between Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra will emerge in the coming days. All that remains is to stay tuned and wait for the latest news and updates on ''90 Days Fiance''.