"General Hospital" viewers want the truth about Nina's daughter to be revealed and fast. The number of people who know that Sasha is not her birth child continues to grow, but there is no sign that Willow, or anyone else, has the other half of the locket that Madeline provided. On Wednesday, Nina allowed Charlotte to wear the locket then later presented Sasha with a whole necklace because she had a jeweler to make it for her. Meanwhile, Laura and Kevin believe there are clues related to the codicil hidden in a painting of Helena. They want to get to the truth, dethrone Valentin and get Spencer what rightfully belongs to him.

Trail for Spencer and Nikolas grows hot and then cold

"General Hospital" had Laura, Ava, and Hayden talking about Nikolas for quite some time after the psychics said he was alive. Now the focus has shifted to Spencer possibly being the one who is behind Hayden and Jax searching for the codicil to the will. A lot of clues are being dropped but nothing concrete is taking place. Laura told Kevin she wants the issue over and done with so her grandson can be at ease. This storyline has been dragging on and viewers want closure. One minute it seems as if Nikolas might pop up at any moment, then everything shifts away from him.

If the codicil does exist, then Valentin would lose all and he will get a double whammy when the truth regarding Sasha is revealed.

If Nikolas is really alive, then this would be the icing on the cake and Spencer will have his wish of vanquishing his evil uncle. Unfortunately, Charlotte and Nina will be caught in the crossfire, but that's just the way it goes on "General Hospital." Spoiler alerts and rumors don't indicate how all of this is going to be resolved so viewers will have to keep watching.

Charlotte's life is about to be turned upside down

Ever since the "General Hospital" rumor mill suggested that Willow Tate might be Nina's daughter, fans have been waiting for confirmation. Viewers have been watching carefully to ee fi she will produce the other half of the locket, but so far she has not. Last week it was suggested that Harmony could soon tell WIllow that she is adopted, so perhaps she is the one holding the piece of jewelry that would solve this mystery.

However this unfolds, it will be little Charlotte who is hurt the most.

Michael has agreed to allow Sasha to tell Nina in her own time, that she is not her biological child, but Lulu also knows the truth. Mrs. Falconeri is seething and wants Valentin put in his place. Whenever "General Hospital" decides to conclude this storyline, Charlotte will be destroyed if she finds out how devious her beloved papa is. She will lose Nina as a stepmother and Sasha as a stepsister. Should Spencer be declared the legal heir to the Cassadine fortune or his father turn up alive, Charlotte will also lose her home. Stay tuned to find out what happens next in Port Charles.