''The Young and the Restless" rumors for the week of September 23-27 reveal that everything will change for the Newman family. Victoria, arrested for the murder of Victor, will find herself in a difficult situation. Adam is responsible for this. On the other side of Genoa City instead, Billy will agree to go to the therapist to treat his mental illness. This time he seems determined to get to the bottom of the matter. Nikki will confess the truth about Victor's fake death. In addition to her, Nick will also know the truth. Moreover, as Soap Dirt writes, in the next episodes Victor will be revealed and will soon be face to face with Adam.

'Young and the Restless': Victoria Newman captured

"The Young and the Restless" episodes see Victoria arrested for the murder of Victor. Adam framed her. Sharon will stay close to Adam, so he will try to help him and make sure that his plan is successful. This time, it was Victoria who paid for the endless struggle between Victor and Adam Newman.

Meanwhile, Billy doesn't stop fighting with his hallucinations. Last week he saw Delia, his dead daughter, who confronted him with his responsibilities. If she had not left her alone with Adam and Nikki, she would now be alive. In the upcoming ''The Young and the Restless'' episodes, Billy will still be tormented by his inner demons and, to try to fight them, will ask for a therapist's car.

Billy had already tried to go to therapy but maybe he wasn't ready yet since he denied having a mental problem. Delia's visit, perhaps, gave him the necessary input to recover his life.

Adam will be watched by Rey. Summer will have to fight with her pain for losing her grandfather and Kyle will notice her strength. Other ''The Young and the Restless'', as Soap Dirt writes, tell that Nick and Chelsea learn that Victoria was arrested for the murder of Victor Newman.

At that moment, Nick will confess something disturbing to Chelsea. In the weekend episodes, Nikki will plot a plan to reveal a secret about Victor's death.

Victor and Adam face to face in next 'The Young and the Restless' episodes

According to Soap Dirt, we know that in the next ''The Young and the Restless'' episodes, Nikki will tell Nick the truth about Victor's fake death.

At which point Nick will, in turn, confess something to Chelsea. Later, Phyllis will receive a very welcome gift from Adam.

Very soon Victor will reveal himself. According to the latest ''Y&R'' rumors, the next seventh Adam and Victor will come face to face. What will happen? At the same time, Nick will be aware of the fake death and could tell Summer the truth about his grandfather. Finally, there will be news about Katherine Chancellor's legacy. The war is just beginning, stay tuned to discover the next ''The Young and the Restless'' spoilers, rumors and updates.