''General Hospital'' (GH) October episodes broadcast on ABC are full of important news. The truth about Wiley might come out. Fame 10 speculates that this will happen after Nelle will attempt to kidnap Wiley. Also, Carly's baby will have major health problems after being diagnosed with spina bifida. After Oscar's death, Josslyn will try to find happiness next to Dev, thus changing all the balances. Other ''GH'' rumors reveal that Kim might find out she is pregnant with Franco. In this regard, Liz would not wait any longer to ask for a divorce. Finally, there are rumors that in Port Charles comes the news of Dante's death.

Which of these rumors will become real in the soap opera? Below are more exciting plotline predictions for the month of October.

The truth is near

According to Fame 10, the next ''General Hospital'' episodes in October, will shed light on Willow. Fans already know that Nina could be Willow's mother. Sasha is aware of the truth, however, Nina will not know anything from her. It seems that Willow's secret is discovered after a revelation by Harmony. Alternatively, something could happen to Willow that requires Nina's intervention, thus determining their genetic link.

In the will not stop creating panic in Port Charles. After her release, she could kidnap Wiley and thus create a new and intricate storyline.

As a result, the truth about Wiley's biological parents may be revealed after so long, as revealed by the latest ''General Hospital'' rumors.

Carly could lose the baby

Other ''General Hospital'' rumors focus on the difficult pregnancy of Carly who, some time ago, discovered she was expecting a child with spina bifida. Carly will live a terrible time and this misfortune will end up endangering her relationship.

If the child does not survive or die a few days after birth, Carly will not be able to endure such strong pain.

''General Hospital'' new rumors reveal that Josslyn will have a new interest after the death of Oscar Nero. Joss, in fact, could fall in love with Dev. If that were to happen, the relationship between Joss and Dev would certainly change the balance between Carly and Sonny.

Kim pregnancy

In the episodes of ''General Hospital'' aired in October, Jax could discover the secret of Dev. Bad news will not please fans. As Fame 10 writes, Dante could die. Lulu will be devastated by the news, as well as colliding with Olivia. Franco will not recover his memories and, most likely, something will happen that will keep him as ''Drew''.

Another plotline predictions of Fame 10 concerns the possible pregnancy of Kim. If she found out she was expecting a baby, how would Liz react? Yes, because Kim could be pregnant by Draco and realize her dream of having another Oscar. In this case, Liz is expected to file for divorce. All that remains is to wait for the ''General Hospital'' episodes of October broadcast on ABC to find out what will happen in Port Charles.