''90 Day Fiance'' latest rumors, as Soap Dirt wrote, focuses on Aladin Jallali and Laura. Between dissing and burning statements, the situation is increasingly complicated. Recently, Laura spread the rumor that Aladin likes men. Aladin, immediately, responded to her statements on his official Instagram profile. But that's not all that happened.

Laura and Aladin Jallali, among abuses and defamations

The situation between Aladin and Laura in ''90 Day Fiance'' is becoming more and more complicated. Laura said she was expecting a baby, but fans of the show didn't believe her.

In fact, it was she who denied the pregnancy. It seems that Laura became angry after Aladin threw her out of the house and presented her with divorce papers in Arabic. As if that wasn't enough, Laura posted a picture in which she had a black eye, suggesting that it was Aladin who abused her.

Now, as Soap Dirt writes, new details about Laura and Aladin, have emerged from ''90 Day Fiance." It seems that Aladin's friends told him that, before leaving Qatar, Laura had sworn to destroy him and ruin his life. And, in that regard, the photo with her black eye and the recent rumors about Aladin's homosexuality would have arrived.

Laura Jallali teases Aladin on WhatsApp

According to Soap Dirt, it seems that Laura Jallali of ''90 Day Fiance'' exchanged WhatsApp messages in which she claimed that Aladin was gay.

So, Laura didn't just spread those rumors on Instagram. To confirm, it would be Leiden who said she no longer knows whether to believe her words. In the WhatsApp chat, Laura also said that her ex met her partners in the gym showers.

Aladin Jallali replies on his official Instagram profile

Soap Dirt also reports that, a few days after Laura's claims, the boy posted a photo in the gym on his official Instagram profile.

Under the picture, a fan would write "You're a gay guy". Aladin responded with applause, denying the rumors about his homosexuality. Aladin's calm reaction seemed rather strange to fans.

Jallali's followers congratulated him, saying that he responded with class. Now, it seems that most of the fans have sided with Aladin, perhaps tired of Laura's lies and her attacks on him.

We are sure that the complicated story between Aladin and Laura of "90 Day Fiance" will not end there. The continuous attacks of the woman could really make the boy lose his patience. What will happen? Fans of the TLC show are looking forward to discovering the next fiery dissing and, who knows, maybe their next meeting. Stay tuned.