Dylan Dreyer warms America every morning with her smile as much as with her weather outlooks on ‘Today.” The spunky and spirited New Jersey native is the very image of All-American beauty and disposition, even without a drop of any product from a bottle. This morning, October 3, however, brought Dylan Dreyer's turn to do her “Instagram Takeover” for the third hour of “Today,” and the co-host sprang a special beauty secret on her viewers. She even got her guy cohorts in on the action, just not in the most typical ways.

By the end of her introduction of the jade roller, it was hard to tell if it was the newest beauty rage or a new incarnation of roller derby.

Either way, Dylan Dreyer is always ready for a spin and sharing the laughs.

Getting her day rolling

It's often said that true beauties can roll out of bed looking ready for a magazine cover shoot, and while that may be an exaggeration, Dylan Dreyer is a real cutie, even in her PJs and glasses. Describing her morning routine as equivalent in excitement to “Craig Melvin brushing his teeth,” the very busy working mom and expectant mom again was up before the dawn, introducing her latest “must-have” for maintaining dewy skin and her sunny outlook—her jade roller.

The bubbly blonde co-host confessed that she had been completely lured in by the impulse buy before checking out at Sephora, but the cooling and calming effect of the ancient, highly prized stone gliding along her face appears to be worth the $30.

Just for reference, Ulta Beauty, Amazon, and Walmart have similar or the same versions ranging from $9.62-$12 .99 for the more cost-conscious. Simultaneously perking up the complexion and one's consciousness for the day is truly priceless. The jade roller is already the most searched beauty item for the day, thanks to Dylan Dreyer's unpaid endorsement.

Her male counterparts created other purposes for the beauty booster.

The guys have their own spin

Al Roker let out a disbelieving exclamation of “30 bucks!” upon hearing the price tag for Dylan Dreyer's purchase, but he did say that “it feels nice,” before playfully pantomiming rolling it under his arms.

Dylan explained that putting the jade roller in the freezer for a few hours amplifies the shrinkage of puffiness under the eyes. She further elaborated that the correct process is to start from the nose and move outward on the face.

Carson Daly didn't seem to have any objection to the jade roller at all and even said that he was taking his home. His wife, Siri, will surely appreciate some pampering, now that baby number four is on the way.

Hip surgery hasn't done anything to dampen Al Roker’s mischievous streak, and with a wry smile and revved-up enthusiasm, Roker and Craig Melvin called the start of “jade roller drag races” across the table. “Don't break them,” Dreyer pleaded, noting how many viewers would love to have her new find.

When one racer teetered on the edge of the table, Al began pounding, hoping the vibrations would bring it to a plunge. They did, and Al was pleased as punch.

Craig dutifully retrieved the jade rollers from the floor, and despite the “off-label” use of the luxury product by the boys, Dylan Dreyer declared that “I’ve used it for the last three days and I feel like a better person.”

That remark is high praise from Dylan Dreyer, but if it doesn't produce the same results for every person, Carson Daly reminds that the jade roller probably works great for rolling homemade pasta.