''Days Of Our Lives' (DOOL) spoilers for this week, promises excellent twists and turns in the soap opera aired on NBC and set in Salem. The official promo video was released. Marlena unexpectedly finds herself in front of a romantic scene. Eric and Nicole kiss passionately, then she drops her bathrobe. In front of Marlena, Nicole is embarrassed, but Eric is ready to cover her just in time.

As you can see in the clip released by NBC, Jack and Jennifer meet. Love also seems to have broken out between them. However, the evil Dr. Rolf could ruin Jack's romantic plans, just now that he has recovered his memories.

Subsequently, Gabi (Camila Banus) is desperate next to her husband Stefan DiMera, helpless in the hospital bed. There is nothing for him to do, as the doctors have declared his brain dead. What will happen in the next "DOOL" episodes?

Spoilers 'Days of Our Lives': love and passion in the weekly episodes of the soap opera aired on NBC

The latest ''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers, as we see from the clip released by NBC, focus on several couple of the soap opera. Also, we will see how the storyline of Gabi will continue, desperate after the doctors have confirmed the death of Stefan DiMera. In same hospital is also hospitalized Julie, who, if she does not receive a heart soon, will die. Gabi is undecided.

She hates Julie's family and at the same time, can not accept the idea of losing Stefan forever. What will she decide to do?

In the NBC promo video of ''Days Of Our Lives'', we see Marlena surprising Eric and Nicole in intimate attitudes. Also, Jack and Jennifer Horton are very close. The soap opera clip announces exciting spoilers and a myriad of kisses.

In next week's episodes, also, Tony and Anna toast to their engagement. Other ''DOOL'' spoilers reveal that Xander (Paul Telfer) finally conquers Sarah (Linsey Godfrey), ready to take care of her child as well. Will Sarah open her heart to Xander? We'll see.

Summary of previous 'Days of Our Lives' episodes

To better understand the new ''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers, we make a recap of the latest episodes aired on NBC.

Lani hit Stefan DiMera and ended up in a serious condition in the hospital. The doctors confirmed brain death. At the same time, Julie's relatives have gathered around her to give her last farewell, as she is dying. She could only be saved by a heart transplant. Victor, on the other hand, has discovered that Kristen is pregnant.

Rod lured Hope into a trap. Besides, Julie's family has asked Gabi to consent to Stefan DiMera's heart transplant, to save the matriarch. But she is very undecided. Finally, Xander has tried in every way not to start Sarah. In this regard, ''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers reveal that between the two there will be a resounding turning point.