In the promo for ''Days Of Our Lives," broadcast by NBC on October 5, we saw Gabi desperate for the death of Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash). Meanwhile, Julie's condition has worsened, and only a heart transplant can save her. Gabi has no intention of giving Julie Stefan's heart, at least for now. Gabi's last hope, to call on the help of the crazy Dr. Rolf (who was able to save Kate from brain death), is not successful. Julie's family will have to beg her if they really want the heart of her love. Gabi is aware that she hasn't helped Julie in the park.

However, Julie saved herself, unlike Stefan, who was killed by Lani. Besides, Xander Cook will turn to the crazy Dr. Rolf, perhaps to track Sarah down. How will this creepy storyline evolve?

Julie's family ready to say goodbye

As Soap Dirt wrote, the latest ''Days Of Our Lives'' rumors, related to the next episodes of soap opera broadcast on NBC, focus on Gabi, angry and desperate after the death of Stefan DiMera. At the same time, Julie's family gathers in the hospital to give the last salute to the matriarch. The doctors have not found a compatible donor, and her health condition is desperate. Gabi will feel guilty for not helping Julie when she collapsed in the park but will continuously be next to Stefan's body, now lifeless.

The doctors did not give her any hope, declaring Stefan DiMera's brain dead.

In the episode of ''Days Of Our Lives,'' broadcast on NBC Friday, October 11, Julie's family will be ready to say goodbye. However, as Soap Dirt writes, the final moment for the matriarch has not yet come. Kayla, however, will see Dr. Rolf with Julie's rosary in his hands and wonder what he's up to.

Can Rolf heal Julie as he did with Kate? This doctor seems to have the power to bring back to life the dead.

Xander needs help in the upcoming 'Days Of Our Lives' episodes

Other ''Days Of Our Lives'' rumors, related to the broadcast on NBC from October 14-18, tell that Xander Cook will soon need help. Cook is desperately looking for Sarah Horton in Salem.

Probably, Xander will turn to the mad scientist Rolf to achieve his goal.

Also, people near Hope will notice that he is hiding something and has a strange behavior. Nicole, as always witty, will understand that something is wrong. According to Soap Dirt, Nicole could finally find out that Sarah Horton is pregnant. Of course, Nicole may also decide not to talk and not to reveal this secret. What if Nicole tells instead? It is not excluded that Xander sought help from Dr. Rolf precisely for this reason. To know how the storylines will evolve, let's wait for the next ''Days Of Our Lives'' spoilers, news and plotline.