It is almost as if Tim is courting awkward interactions at every turn, on “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” as he did one of the most unromantic proposals (to his girlfriend Jeniffer) ever done on the TLC reality show franchise. The proposal, carried out while the two were discussing their future, ended with Jeniffer responding with an “I don’t know.” The negative response made the exchange even more awkward as it left the couple’s future murky.

Tim's awkward proposal

The two have been having problems for a while now. Jeniffer previously confessed that she did not like how Tim was unable to be physical in the relationship.

While she knows that he loves her and she is ready to build a family with the one she loves, she is tentative about marrying this particular guy.

Tim was already planning on proposing to Jeniffer when he went down to Colombia for that uncomfortable exchange, reports Pop Culture. They went into a park together and talked about their relationship. She mentioned how she would love it if they end up together but admitted that she preferred him when they are in a “good state together.”

Jeniffer then told the camera that she is unsure if their relationship will work. She may love Tim, but the instability of their relationship bothers her. She does not want to make another mistake so she wants some assurance, especially since she has a daughter, of her own, named Violeta.

As if to remind Jeniffer how much he loves her, Tim mentioned how he already met her family and daughter. After getting visibly upset with her, Tim approached the proposal with a tentative tone, asking her a hypothetical question about what she would say if he proposed then. When Jeniffer said she was unsure, Tim then answered that her answer was a problem.

Jeniffer confessed that she felt Tim was a different person because of the many things she discovered about him. Tim took too long to admit to Jeniffer that it was not his first time in Colombia. He already went to the county before with an ex-girlfriend, who happened to be Colombian.

She also confessed that she was not comfortable with the fact that Tim was still so close with one of his exes, Veronica.

Tim also seems to still want to be a father figure to Veronica’s daughter.

Darcey's relationship woes

Meanwhile, Darcey feels like her relationship with Tom is not going as planned. She blames her sister Stacey, in part, for the relationship woes because the couple had to cancel a romantic trip to meet up with her sister in Albania instead. She even felt that their Albania trip and the subsequent fights that followed may have stopped Tom from proposing to her. Let us know what you think about the whole scenario, put your comment in the comment section, a lot is yet to come.