''Days Of Our Lives'' (DOOL) episodes on 3-4 October are full of twists and turns, as reported by Soap Dirt and Soap She Knows. In the October 3 episode, Lani learns that Jordan tried to kill Ciara. Kristen has put her plan into action. Marlena will find out from Brady that Kristen DiMera is pregnant and will be shocked. A terrible storyline is about to bring Stefan and Gabi down.

The couple will spend one of the last nights of love before the tragedy. Meanwhile, Vivian, who tried to kill Kate, will try to escape the city, hoping not to be intercepted by the police.

Julie's health will deteriorate. The elderly woman faints after Doug's visit, reminding her of the good times they had together. Finally, Kate, after being saved by the crazy doctor, will think to sue the staff of the hospital that, for a short time, could have killed her by removing the plug of the respirator. Here are all the latest "Days of Our Lives" rumors for October 3 and 4.

'Days of Our Lives': Jack recovers memories

''Days of Our Lives'' rumors, as Soap Dirt writes, say that Ben will be worried about his sister's condition. Ben will believe that the best solution for her is to return to Bayview. Later, he will tell Ciara that Jordan intends to kill Ciara.

The recent "Days of Our Lives" rumors, will not please the fans of the couple composed of Gabi and Stefan.

Soon Gabi will have to face a terrible time, after learning tragic news about her husband. What will happen to this couple who, at least at the beginning, seemed to have married only out of interest? Fate will reserve them an unfortunate fate that will separate them forever. In the episode of ''Days of Our Lives'' airing on Friday, October 4, Jack and Eve will have a confrontation.

Eve will discover that Jack has recovered his memory without any outside help. Obviously, she'll be upset and afraid for her future.

Lani shoots and kills Stefan in next 'Days of Our Lives' episodes

The latest ''Days of Our Lives'' rumors are reporting horrible news. Lani threatens Stefan with a gun and kills him. The death of Stefan DiMera had already been announced to fans by Soap Dirt and now it seems confirmation comes.

Gabi will soon learn of Stefan's death and fall into the abyss of depression. What will she do now that her love has gone away forever?

Lani doesn't stop ruining Gabi's life. It is not excluded that Gabi, exasperated, may take revenge on her. The storyline that sees Kristen DiMera pregnant with Brady remains open and full of surprises. Marlena, having learned this news, will not react at all well. In addition, Julie's state of health is still precarious. In the next ''Days of Our Lives'' episodes, as Soap knows writes, she will have a fainting spell after recalling the moments spent with Doug. Still many twists and turns await us, stay tuned.